Hours: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’

| November 11, 2013

overdriveradio4_smallSuch sentiment has been front and center since this latest raft of hours of service changes, implemented July 1. At once, many readers hark back farther to a time when things were even less broke than they were some six months ago. Hear a variety of viewpoints in Overdrive‘s latest special-edition podcast, Voices edition, on the hours of service rules and attempts in Congress to force the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to truly research economic impacts and roll back the changes in the meantime.  


Talk of the road: House bill to hold hours changes

For bill supporters, key to convincing lawmakers to sign on to the effort may well be showing the economic impact of the new rule.

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  • Rc12334

    Let’s get real! I am not always tired when the government says, nor do I feel like going when the government says…let us go back to a split sleeper time and the original restart provisions….they’re only making more liars out of us…after 40 plus years without an accident , I don’t think the government will be able to retrain me……Contrary to what the learning impaired bureaucrats think, we do all not need to brought to the lowest level and have more regulation….you can’t regulate common sense….put in a system where driving record counts for something….also try to let the new crop of DOT inspectors have some latitude for common sense to intervene….

  • Mikhail

    This Congress in nice way of speaking are idiots. If they want to fix anything they need to implement law on brokers who underpay like crazy.
    everyday example that all of us know. Going to California, brokers cheap out and pay $1.20 per mile, knowing full well that a load if any pay almost nothing from California. now, where does this in anyone’s right mind makes sense?
    Why do we have to drive barely to survive and still get suppressed by government. if there is anything that might cause some drivers to take drastic measures, that’s the unfairness of the government turning a blind eye to things that matter.
    That’s like treating cancer, you cant just mask mask it with some makeup, you have to dig to the root of the problem. and the root of the problem are the shippers and brokers.
    As a carrier we deal with disrespect from both shippers and brokers. last week alone, I had a load that I drove 170 miles for the pick up after coming to the shipper, I was told that it was picked up in the morning by someone else. not to my surprise the broker tried to act clueless about all that and didn’t pay anything to reimburse me.
    We driver for pennies and a lot of times have to pay out of pocket. loading and unloading hours are a drag. if that wasn’t enough, you have both parties, shippers and receivers showing no respect to drivers. the list goes on, but we all are aware of that and so is the government.

  • srich479

    FCSA just needs to go away and let drivers make money

  • Mikhail

    sadly true, there is no common sense in those dot inspectors these days. but that is why they are being hired. you can have someone act like an idiot and just write out tickets, that is all that government cares about.
    they see that today and probably for a long time to come, truckers are a constant business. so they will keep continuing to implement stupid laws where we have to pay for them, because if there was a way to make money from people breathing, they would charge us for oxygen.
    no pencil pusher can pass laws about things they don’t know. Its like me standing up right now and telling NASA “hey you need to do this instead of this”
    sorry its a rough example, but thats because I dont know a thing about NASA. How can I direct something if I dont know anything. Congress doesnt use common sense, so therefore we cant expect laws that make sense out of them.

  • Mikhail

    its not just about making money. I agree with needing regulations. but come on!!! driving by these rules, it would take over a week to drive from west to east.
    even still with these rules every shipper wants drivers to pick up a load and deliver it illegally. Every load I’ve picked up last week TN to CA 1800 miles, picked up tuesday 1pm and shipper and broker tried to tell me to have it delivered thursday morning. I mean WTF? simple math. and they try to tell me you have two days to drive. IDIOTS!!!

  • John Ryan

    I have no idea why anyone would haul any freight any where for 1.20 A/M u must be nuts. You must be working for one of those bust ua out JB HUNT types

  • John Ryan

    Just cheat!!!! Use a paper log and just cheat.

  • Mikhail

    haha, hell now, I would never haul that. I wouldn’t even open my eyes in the morning for those rates. I’m using this brokers as an example
    but my point was that 90% of brokers that try to broker a load to cali pay that crap
    or try to pay that.

  • Beasley

    We had a truck get pulled into a scale in Colorado…. mostly because “they had not seen this truck in a while” … lol — and then the guy proceeded to do his inspection… and the only thing he could find to write us a WRAP sheet on was that my Driver had written down he was hauling cattle on log but had NO name of shipper — and when asked he said No one told me their name so he used the dispatchers name…. BUT WE GOT a LOG wrap sheet for this kinda CRAP …. frustrating each day we try to make a living in the SMALL business world…. wonder why we even keep in business. the new Restart rules are just KILLING PRODUCTIVITY …i told a non trucking person that the new rules to us would be like me telling you that you worked your 40 hours this week and now you must take the next week off work to sleep and recover from your work week … and because you didn’t get to bed 2 nights in a row between 1 & 5 … is why you must be off work for as many as 52 + hours ——– and the list goes on and on and on………………………….change them back so that we can be a more productive society …..

  • bigred

    This is just one of the problems. I have been inspected 15 times in 20 months simply because I drive a 379 Pete and have been told this twice by the inspectors. I have not had a ticket,, a log book violation an accident in at least 12 years…. 20 month ago my CSA score was 12, now it`s going up mostly with a light problem as I drive at night almost all the time. I see trucks pass me all the time with no lights, blinking lights, etc and never see them pulled over at night…Just as soon as i have one blinking or Etc. i get points roadside inspects. Last one was in Texas last week and my tractor tail light was just lazy,,,,The trailer was attached….I dare you to find me one driver in any company with a low score that I have and been inspected as many times I have…..The truck is paid off and will be my last so don`t advise me to trade it please…It`s pure profiling and trying to put O/O`s off the road.

  • Garyd

    i will never get a restart I start work at 5 pm and work til 6 am five days a week, with my two days off are wed and sat 6am to 5pm even though its over 34 hours I wont ever get a reset. so im always working off a recap of what I worked 8 days prior. I don’t see an issue as long as I keep working 13 hours on my days on. I don’t see how im any safer or any more dangerous then any other driver.

  • DER

    Rc12334 I piggyback on all you have said and I add, the government do not know nor do they understand the struggles drivers already have. The government do not understand our roll to this nation as a whole, The shippers and receivers need to also understand a drivers time schedule as well. DOT inspectors need to be honest and not PLUS their bonuses by writing DIS-HONEST tickets they know we don’t have time to go to the courts on, so they take advantage of us. “For all I know, they may have been the one to nip my airline, or the airline could have gotten damaged on my way to deliver the load after my PTI was done. This happens mostly in small towns.

  • mc661419 sunshine driven

    what makes me laugh is they are using accident stats from when the hos were the previous ones and the stats went down. so how can they say these new stats are cause of the new regulations.

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