Hours of service waivers for propane haulers extended to Dakotas, Florida

| January 31, 2014

propane tankerPropane haulers in North Dakota, South Dakota and Florida now are temporarily exempt from federal hours of service regulations, per two declarations issued this week by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, who has already issued exemptions for propane haulers in about two-thirds of the U.S.


Hours of service rules waived in 24 states for propane haulers

In response to a request sent to the DOT, FMCSA has issued an hours-of-service exemption to propane haulers in 24 states due extreme temperatures that ...

The exemptions come as additions to regional waivers already issued for the Midwest, the East and the South, issued due to regional propane shortages caused by an uptick in demand due to the “polar vortex” caused colder-than-average temperatures and kinks in distribution and storage. 

The country’s propane supply is “more than adequate,” says the National Propane Gas Association, who requested the waivers for propane haulers, but certain events in recent months have combined to cause issues with getting the home heating fuel to consumers.

The waivers last until 11:59 p.m. Feb. 11, and drivers hauling propane must have a copy of the declaration with them. Click here to download the one for North and South Dakota and click here for Florida’s


Agency lifts hours of service rules for propane haulers in the South

Joining propane haulers in the Midwest and Eastern regions, propane haulers in the South are now temporarily exempt from federal hours-of-service regulations in light of ...

The exemption expires immediately when a driver uses his equipment for something other than hauling propane or returning empty to a terminal or reporting location from hauling propane. 

FMCSA’s regional HOS waivers include propane haulers in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Connecticut, D.C., Delaware, Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Virginia, Vermont, West Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Waivers for these states last until Feb. 11, too.


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  • Greg

    What? Did I misread or misunderstand? It says the exemption ends when a driver uses his equipment to haul something else or returns empty to a terminal or reporting location from hauling propane…… So, a driver is exempt from the HOS regs when hauling a load of propane out to a customer…. but not exempt when returning to a loading terminal to get the next load of propane to take out to a customer. How is that going to work??

  • Steve Joramo

    It says other than returning mty etc. Its ok, why not just give all the truckers an exemption because of all the extra time spent dealing with weather problems?

  • Eagle57

    That appears to be a misstatement. The FMCSA letter states that the exemption also extends to when the driver returns home. The wording of the letter is typical lawyer — damned hard to make sense of it. What I gather is that as long as you are hauling propane to and from an included state, you can drive as long as you are not fatigued. Once you get tired, you need to stop and rest. Doesn’t have to be 10 hours, but you better not be yawning or cross-eyed with fatigue when you get pulled over for a “routine” inspection.

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