Hours rules suspended for propane haulers

| January 30, 2013

Seven states have suspended hours-of-service rules for truckers transporting propane to mitigate current supply shortages.

Over the weekend, Arizona, Michigan and Connecticut issued emergency proclamations, joining Maine, Wisconsin, New Mexico and Utah, which had already temporarily suspended HOS rules for propane haulers.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer suspended regulations through Feb. 9 after freezing temperatures spiked demand in the Southwest. Meanwhile, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder issued an HOS exemption through Feb. 3. Michigan’s Upper Peninsula and Wisconsin are experiencing shortages because of low temperatures and a repair to a Michigan propane terminal pipeline, Snyder said.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker also noted the Michigan pipeline repair in his emergency declaration, which will expire Feb. 3. Additionally, several Wisconsin terminals are unable to meet current customer demand and are on a propane rationing system until further notice, Walker stated.

Connecticut officials attributed cold weather for insufficient propane supplies in issuing its order, set to expire 11:59 p.m. Jan. 30.

Nevada, Utah, New Mexico and Maine governors also issued declarations because of colder temperatures. These will end Jan. 29, except for Maine, where the rule suspension ends Jan. 30.

  • gbib

    if the hrs of service rules aren’t really necessary for volatile materials why have them for anything

  • Jopi

    The driver should have to put a red sign on his truck stating that there is a sleep deprived driver operating the vehicle so that people can stay away from him!

  • propanehauler

    The drivers that are operating under these suspensions aren’t sleep deprived. They are actually operating in a more prudent way. They sleep when they get tired, not when the government tells them to sleep. I’ve yet to find anybody that ever amounted to anything, that was able to sleep for 10 hours day after day.

  • http://twitter.com/regguy69 Richard Wilson

    these are just temp rule suspensions most will expire in a day or 2, best to read the whole article.

  • MarionCDavies

    We should put a red flag on the politicians that put driver and public safety second to the their weather problems!

  • FFT3

    Let’s see if I understand this correctly- Sleep deprived drivers are a direct threat to our safety unless my Governor needs to save money, he shut down the rest areas to help close the budget shortfall, or if there is a shortage in explosive materials. At that point a drowsy driver is not a threat. I am not sure if hypocrisy is the right word here but someone at DOT/FMCSA needs a mental evaluation.

  • jess mcclure

    drivers with nuclear waste can drive till they pass out also.

  • martymarsh

    Wow I love this stuff, let’s just do away with the laws when they are getting in the way. Have a big snow season and run out of salt, no problem, just lift the weight restrictions. Now they are bending the rules for haz-mat, it does not get any better than this, and of course the drivers go along with. Buddy, if I can’t do the samething tomorrow then I can’t do it today, you made the laws now live with them.

  • OTRDriver

    It does not matter if the rules expire in a day or two or a month or two, there should be no exceptions or no rules! YA CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS…

  • OTRDriver

    Another way the industry limits production to create a shortage which in-turn creates a higher cost and safety concerns to the consumer…

  • OTRDriver

    The defined “Rest Period” contains the possibility of Sleep not 10hours of continuous sleep.. And as for “operating in a more prudent way” isn’t that the case under the current regulations as well? I say, “if the regulations can be exempted for volatile haz-mat under circumstances, then why are they needed at all for the rest of the industry?

  • OTRDriver

    No just don’t forget the stupid shit they did after they promised and didn’t deliver and vote the bastards out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/smoker252 Joe Pauley

    its all a control thing so they can tell us what we can’t do and fine us. But when they need something its ok.. Not that a driver could figure out a better way..

  • http://www.facebook.com/herb.williams.92 Herb Williams

    Well I guess they think they can have it both ways.

  • barb

    When it comes to “emergency” conditions. There should be another truck and driver, 1 day 2 days or 8 hours, When government agencies do this, they tell dispatch it is okay to run the hell out of their driver. When that driver need to rest, and dispatch says NO, regulations have been lifted. Puts the driver in a spot of driving fatigued OR terminated for disobeying a direct job assignment.
    The HOS are hogwash, don’t get me wrong, The government has NO idea. They cannot and will not tell me when I can OR cannot drive. My body cannot sleep and wake with a flick of a switch. When I need to I stop, I stop. I do not care if I have driven 7 hours or 10 hours. I get tired, I stop! No load is worth my life or any other person out there.

  • Rockingw

    The Hours rule that are suspended only include the 70 hour rule. I have haul during emergency rules for weather related problems and that was the only provision that is dropped. You still have to run with the 11, 14, and break 10 rule but you don’t have to restart until the emergency proclamations expire.

  • david webster

    The propane industry did not fill the storage(s) instead the propane was exported even after the On. gov. was told the storage levels were too low and many smaller co.(s) left trucks unplated and they are sitting this winter

  • lklab

    For everyone bitchin about the truck drivers and being unsafe and not wanting them on the roads just remember that when your ass is freezing in your house because you ran out of propane it was your fault because you didn’t want people to drive tired. What you need to realize is that most of the drivers are waiting in line for anywhere from 2 to 30 hours to get the one load they need. Its not that we are driving 24-7 without sleep. If you are not in the industry shut up about it. You don’t know what you are talking about!!!

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