Bill that would undo hours rule pulled from House

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The House has pulled a transportation bill that could have potentially reversed the new hours of service rule that went into effect this month.

The House reportedly may consider bringing the bill back to the floor after its August recess.

Rep. Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) was set to propose an amendment to a House bill that would halt the hours of service rule that went into effect July 1 and allow fleets and drivers to resume operation of the former hours rules by stripping funding from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration used to enforce the new rule.

Hanna sent a letter to colleagues in the House urging for support of the amendment to the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, saying that the new regulations “decrease driver flexibility and raise costs for the already over-burdened trucking industry.”

The new hours rule, among other changes, allows drivers to take only one 34-hour restart a week and requires that restart to have two 1 a.m. to 5 a.m. time periods within. It also requires that drivers take a 30-minute break after eight on-duty hours.

“It is estimated that the trucking industry will lose $376 million annually due to productivity loss and compliance costs. With rising maintenance, labor, and fuel costs, this important industry and the small businesses it supports simply cannot afford to be burdened by regulations that do not even include a ‘real-world,’ statistically-valid study,” Hanna writes. “Sadly, these additional costs will be passed along to hard-working Americans—with prices rising at supermarkets, restaurants, and everywhere else our nation’s consumers shop.”

Hanna’s amendment is being co-sponsored by three other representatives, and the Senate is debating a similar version of the bill.

In his letter, Hanna says that the MAP-21 highway funding act from last year required the FMCSA to conduct a field study by March 31, 2013, of the then-proposed hours rule. The study is still ongoing, Hanna writes, while the final rule has already gone into effect.

The amendment is expected to be debated and voted upon for addition today. More details will be published when they become available.

  • centerlaneshow

    The new rules for HOS do have a sever impact on the trucking industry. Yes they will increase freight cost to offset time loss and so on. But most of all look at it this way too Drivers today already stop to take a break whether it be for lunch or dinner even to fuel up. Drivers stop to make their delivers too but I’ve already herd drivers being told to use their delivery time towards the new rule.

    This will make for a good topic on my show tonight Thank You at least some one in the government is using their brain unlike others that use it as a hat rack.

  • Jason Haggard

    Thank you Rep. Hanna for coming through on this. Its unfortunate that a loophole is having to be used to throw these out instead of just the plain facts, either way it will hopefully get the new HOS regulations repealed and stricken from the record completely.

    Anne Ferro, you DO NOT put the cart before the horse just because you think it is what should be done. You base decisions on real world data and facts, not conjecture and theory. All they need to do now is launch a true investigation into the offices of the FMCSA itself.

  • Vladmir4

    +1. Forced to stay here, Seattle, additional 24hrs just to comply with new damn HOS. Sick.

  • Vladmir4

    10 hrs rest from my experience is ENOUGH to get a rest from diving. All other restrictions a BS. Cmon, trucking industry by independent reports lack 40,000 drivers (deficit). Who is going to hire here with that new stupid HOS? How much money will they earn? How many day will be they missing out of home?

  • No Reform

    If they investigate the Office of FMCSA they will find
    Adolf Hitler.

  • No Reform

    Yea what an ignorand job is has become…who would be interested in this TORTURE?? Only a MORON.

  • No Reform

    They put handcuffs on the driver and expect him to earn a living and get his work done…they SURE didnt RAISE the Pay though..Notice THAT Part??

  • Vladmir4


  • No Reform

    Pathetic is what it is…No PAY for all this waiting around either…..who can earn a living with all these restrictions?? If they pay HOURLY for all time spent in your tin box on wheels..away from home….then they can just keep adding restictive regulations…maybe just drive 1 hour a week…should be safe enuff for them?

  • Jimmy the Greek

    What did Hitler ever do to you to be put down like that ?

  • Mike Armo

    not only Adolf Hitler..they will find ottoman turks also…

  • Mike Armo

    Vlad dont get sick … poshli oni vse naxuy …)))

  • Vladmir4

    I got ya )

  • Mike

    Thank you Rep. Hanna for being our voice out there for us, the drivers”. It is already a struggling business for all the rising costs to run it and now with this new HOS regulations will definitely catapult our hopes of some day the trucking industry will get better!

  • bigred

    Did these idiots making these rules think that we do not take a 30 minute break everyday anyway, they just wnted it on paper so they could restrict us even more and throw a whopper of a fine for it. Money, money and I blame the trucking cos with lobbying congress as this one backfired on them. Get trucking out of congress and pay your drivers and see if things don`t look up BIG TRUCKING, YES YOU..

  • terry2u

    You know, this is just what the Obama administration wants. They want to kill trucking jobs by any means possible, just to get their “Green” agenda in. When enough people call to their representative in Congress, maybe then, something will happen. Too bad it’s coming at the consumers expense…

  • Outsiderlookinggrin

    And guess who is going to eat the cost of the new rules? It is my understanding that the big companies wanted the new HOS rules to squeeze independent owner operators out of business so they could keep paying their driver’s .002 CPM and later in the game they realized that it would hurt them as well. Stripping funding from a governmental agency not going to happen. I say again look how the Longshoremen operate they make $90,000 per year. Here you go I quit let the freight sit or someone else do it stay gone 4-6 weeks at a truck stop maybe members of Congress are willing . . .

  • Outsiderlookinggrin

    I am sorry since Congress is so concerned with HOS rules. They should make it law that big companies must get driver’s home every week for this re-set period not in a truck stop every week. And do not cry the big trucking companies have enough money that this never should have passed, and it cost $600+ to fuel up aside from that we the drivers spend billions on candy bars each time we do fuel up but got HOS rules we do like get out of here what is wrong with this picture.

  • Vladmir4

    Agree. Thats nothing about safety. Its all about money, baby. (C) Just additional check-point to calculate damn average speed, timing and so on.

  • Beasley

    YEP …. now a 34 hour restart could take up to 52 hours to accomplish….

    IDIOTS making this crap up should have to work as a trucker for 6 months and they would be like — who thinks this crap up !!!!

  • Beasley

    We really must call all our representatives and get behind those that are on our side to REPEAL this CRAPPY NEW RULES …. we can live with the 30 min break and the 1 restart but SERIOUSLY — the whole 1am-5am 2 consecutive days … i read an article that says the average restart will take 38 hours to accomplish the 2 day crap 1-5 and some it could take up to 52 hours … really we cant get deliveries done as it is … THESE MORONS making this rules up should really get a job as a trucker and see how they get along for a few months ….. and i suspect they will be unemployed all too soon…

  • mc661419 sunshine driven

    then why didn’t you stop b4 1am who said you had to drive 11 hours sounds like you didn’t plan ahead

  • mc661419 sunshine driven

    they will not get rid of o/o cause the govern you company drivers so bad you cant make on time delivers.

  • Vladmir4

    Coz I got inspection at Cle Elum 7/29 and delivery at Seattle next day. Also I need some time gap to get back to midwest (or East) as I’ve planned.

  • cjmarley

    Grrrr…I always see that “why didn’t you plan”. You cannot plan EVERYTHING. You can’t plan inspections, a shipper keeping you for 10 hrs, a blown tire, etc. This is the real world…and life will always throw you a curve when given the chance.

  • Vladmir4

    Green Agenda sucks. Let them better cut out 10 acres of forest to build couple more truckstops or service areas on so called “truck city” aka North Bend WA.

  • cjmarley

    I don’t know about other company drivers but I have no problem making my deliveries on time and my truck is governed at 64.

  • Vladmir4

    Agree. Did I say DOT guy at weigh station checked my timing at Spokane WA?

  • cjmarley

    Well that right there is MORE time wasted.

  • Vladmir4

    I still insist 10hrs sleeper is enough for experienced trucker. If not, lets force EVERY business to use this rule: lets stop police night work, distribution centers, truck stops, etc. Ridiculous.

  • Rock

    i’m with everyone else on these regs but you got company drivers calling themselves o/o’s pulling freight for a $1.00 amile and then want to argue about some stupid rule rates will never rise as long as this keeps happening

  • Cwbintennessee Michael Winton

    We don’t need to stop fighting though folks.

    Anne Ferro and her other cronies in the FMCSA won’t take too lightly with being made to look wrong in the eyes of Congress.

    We just need to stick to stating facts and leave the mudslinging to the rabblerousers who try to ”distract” all of us from the common goal which is repealing these hours under the premise that they never were based on REAL DATA to begin with and were started on THEORY AND LAB TESTS WITH NO REAL WORLD APPLICATION.

    Anne Ferro stated on record that truck drivers work for 82 hours a week and the new hours make them have to work 70. I’m sorry, but i thought the hour cap has been 70 hours per 8 days since the first hours of service upheaveal in 2004? Clearly she has no idea what she’s doing and needs to be educated on the regulations her and her outfit are trying to shove down carriers’ throats under protest mind you!


  • disqus_w9c6NF37lV

    The rule changes are nothing compared the affect that E-logs will have.

  • Vladmir4

    its everywhere. Women design truck, truck sleepers. And now hos rules… That just sucks.

  • martymarsh

    Holy jit, a man with a brain in his head.
    FMCSA is nothing more than a pack of idiots that sees dollar signs.

  • martymarsh

    Exactly what part of you can’t regulate rest don’t these clowns understand?

  • john greberis

    you tell me not to work and pay my taxis than you tell me pay
    pay pay stop telling me . and start working with me .

  • His & Hers Transport

    The main problem, as I see it, is that far too many truck drivers are in no way politically active and the powers that be in the district of criminals and our own state houses know this, so we, as usual get the shaft. Until we as drivers start flooding their in boxes with letters stating the facts and our opposition to their ridiculous rules that they have no real world experience with nothing is going to change. We in large part are the ones to blame for allowing this to happen.

  • MD

    The FMCSA was slick in what they have done. Someone did the math and said if we knock out more than 1; 34 hour restart, the driver will be forced to shut down before 1AM on saturday morning. The logic behind there thinking is to keep trucks off the road during the busiest day of the week, SATURDAY. If you have no restart during the week so you can run on the weekend, you more than likely ran out of hours regardless during the week itself.

  • Teri

    You have it soooo wrong. Without the ability for small independents such as o/o, big companies would go unopposed, leaving them to basically enslave their drivers who have no ability to go to into business themselves or jump into a small company setting. Leave the dozen big carriers to their own, they’d own everyone. Freedom lies in the individual!!!!!!

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Agreed…I don;t care what they say, it is ALWAYS about the money. They just look for ways to hide that fact and sell it as a good thing.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    You know, as I read what you wrote it occurred to me that some politician was probably stuck in traffic on a Saturday on his way to see his mistress and noticed there were trucks on the road, Blamed them for the traffic and then went back to work Monday and tried to figure out a way to get the trucks off the road on Saturdays. Just a thought.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Two things…they operate in a world of vacation days with pay, fixed work schedules and sick days. They assume everything works like that. Plus i honestly believe that they think any driver on the road after midnight is high on energy drinks/caffeine/uppers to keep them awake because they assume we should all go to bed at 10pm and wake at 6am just like them.They have no concept that our rest breaks don’t conform with their worldview, it makes no sense to them.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Yup, plus it has the added benefit of aiding his union buddies by putting strain on the o/o’s.

  • Certifiably Nutty

    Maybe now that we have the extra time, we can use it well by sending letters and emails on our downtime…hey they are the ones that said we should have all this down time, might as well be productive.

  • xl500james

    its been 60 in 7 and 70 in 8 since i started driving in the 80’s Ive wondered WHo the Idiot was thats so uninformed as to state 82 hr’s a week now i know an appointee

  • Dave

    All these rules were an experiment in a lab. Ferro said it herself. She even said,”she had no real world experience”. But, the law past anyway. I have 3 doctors that will tell you. “Know one can predict an adult humans bedtime and how much time they need”. 2 of them being Sleep Doctors. The big companies are feeling this thorn to. It ain’t just us owner operators. The only drivers that are agreeing with this. Are the ones that drive a truck. Just to say they drive a big truck or are lazy. Lets face it we sit for a living. God,knows I have my aches and pains from it. But if you really need all this down time to lay around. YOUR IN THE WRONG BUSINESS! You keep in mind my trucker brothers/sisters. Well we use to be a Band of Brothers and Sisters. Know one is actually going to get anything done for us. D.C. is proving that daily. We have to make the point. Stop the product,stop the country! If your counting on ATA. I suggest you google Bill Graves the president of ATA. A money grabber, back stabber to the owner operator. And we can’t make our point sitting at home on a weekend with a sign in our windshield.

  • martymarsh

    To some extent I agree with you, but being that I am a firm believer that everything is about the Dollar, I find it hard to believe that someone in Washington hasn’t said, how can we tell people when to go to bed? But the dollar over rules common sense every time. I knew we where in trouble when they came out with the seatbelt law, and although I agree they work, I don’t agree you need to save me from myself, and they are not trying to do that, they are just collecting the dollar. Government at every level is corrupt, even a blind man could see that.

  • Montway Auto Transport

    This is great to hear. It will be interesting to see what happens. It does not seem fair in the least bit that they put these regulations in motion without finishing the study first.


    Can someone please explain to me how 34 hours off duty is enough rest time to reset the HOS if a driver has just worked close to 70 hours since his/her last reset, but not enough rest time to reset the HOS if a driver has only worked 35 hours since his/her last reset? Just how is allowing only one reset per 7 day period safer then allowing a driver a reset option after only working 35 hours since his/her last reset? (And these people get paid to come up with this crap?) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.