House approves bill to exempt some fuel haulers from hours regs until May 31

| March 05, 2014

propane truckU.S. House members have approved a measure that would extend hours-of-service exemptions for propane and home heating fuel haulers to May 31.

On voice vote, the House passed the Home Heating Emergency Assistance Through Transportation Act March 4, following a 40-minute debate. Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Rep. Bill Shuster (R-Pa.) sponsored the HHEATT Act or H.R. 4076, which has 36 co-sponsors.


Agency, states waive hours rules for fuel haulers, some food and relief load haulers

In light of severe cold temperatures impacting much of the country and some nationwide fuel distribution problems, FMCSA and some states have continued issuance of ...

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration issued HOS waivers after a severe winter and distribution issues created some regional home heating fuel shortages. It can only issue emergency exemptions in 30-day increments.

When the bill was introduced Feb. 25, regional exemptions existed for 36 midwest, western and eastern states, as well as the District of Columbia.

Since then, governors in 15 of those states have asked for extensions. South Dakota, Delaware, Indiana, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Vermont have active exemptions until March 15.

State governors also have extended exemptions for various end dates in March, including Colorado, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, and Tennessee.

The bill would allow Secretary of Transportation Anthony Foxx to end the extension if the propane crisis is resolved before May 31. Foxx would be required to consult with governors in affected states and lift the waivers on a state-by-state basis.

  • jojo

    I reckon these Drivers will be making decent pay checks. Good for them.
    If these Drivers are able to operate safely beyond the HOS for the good of the public, I believe that there are many other Drivers that are capable of operating beyond the HOS for the good of their families.
    ELD’s and speed limiters only reduce the OTR Drivers ability to earn a living. Pay for the Co Drivers time AT Work and be amazed at how safe the roadways will become, For the Good of the Public.

  • BigBoyButch

    When ever they issue “hours of service waivers” that tells me that they know the current hours of service rule doesn’t work and that it’s not practical. It also tells me that driving the way they are allowing these people to drive for “emergencies” must not be such a big threat to public safety. Do these people who are allowed to drive with disregard to hours of service have some sort of special training? No, of course not. All this shows me is that the hours of service rule is really not that important to public safety or to the Trucking Industry. The hours of service from the 60s and 70s worked just fine. Increase population means increase in traffic, which by just common sense means increase in accidents. You can’t force people into common sense by instituting regulations. If the numbers show decrease in accidents because of hours of service let’s just wait and see in 5 years and every year up to 5 years and after. And if there is an increase 1 or 2 years then what—change the hours again? Have we not learned yet that “Laws” don’t prevent anything. It’s simply a tool to punish individuals after the fact. I’m frustrated with being told how I can work in a Free Country and a Right to Work Country. Punish people who get in accidents and leave the rest of us alone to work to support ourselves and our families.

  • Suzi

    Not everyone can haul propane. Yes they have special training on this stuff and the cost of just getting a license with haz mat plus tanker plus
    a trik card and background check..every year and honey it ain’t like hauling chickens that for sure. Take my experience on this. At propane plants they test you to see if you know what to doing. You have to be a real shinning apple to haul this stuff and you take every crack on the highway on your back and you have to keep people way from you never know who is trailing you. Ya its not a real hard job and not everyone can do it…

  • Steve Paris

    Big Oil & Gas companies need to get their product out to make money. With the cold winter they raking it in & putting pressure on government to let them make more. Drivers don’t benefit from this one bit. They are just working more and probably not making that much more.

  • Stormy

    QUEEN ANNE, QUEEN ANNE …. They are ignoring your studies, research and reports. They aren’t taking their nappy time, they are running over the hours of service, and of all things they are hauling – propane!!!! Mercy sakes, they probably have sleep apnea and massive BMI.

    Sound the alarms, call in the National Guard and make them stop… they are proving that your BS is just that BS! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.