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How high am I? has the answer

| September 25, 2011

If you’ve ever asked yourself that question after loading a car hauler or an expensive piece of machinery on an open-deck trailer, Oregon-based Stephen Rowe (pictured: don’t try this at home) has a tool to help you answer it.

His Auto Hauler Supply company’s new Life Saver Height Stick is made of durable bright-orange fiberglass and measures up to 15 ft. or 5 meters – and marked as such. Most importantly, its collapsed length is only 4-ft. 10-in., easily stored in the sleeper. It’s available for order at with a cloth storage bag for $149.95 and ships from Butler, Penn.

Rowe and his height stick were recently featured in the Clackamas Review. Check out the story.

Or order the height stick here.


    Hmm, Stephen, I don’t mean to bust your bubble, but the ‘Height Stick’ has been on the market and has been used for years. I bought one 30yrs ago, and used it constantly when I was involved in Boathaul and Heavyhaul. Mine extended to 16′ and was a very helpful tool. Sorry, but I know there are many old school drivers who will readily tell you that your Life Saver Height Tool isn’t anything New.

  • Todd Dills

    Bandit, Thanks for the thoughts here. I think Stephen’s aware of the tool being an old one, but he’s told me at least that it’s a fair amount shorter collapsed than many he’s seen, making it simple to store. How short did your own collapse to?

  • Gunnar (AutoHaulerSupply)

    Todd is correct. We have btw, been selling the “old” heightsticks for a long time.
    However, over the years we have had complaints like the fiberglass being too thin and cracking, the snap buttons breaking, no spare parts etc., rendering the height stick useless and not repairable.
    We have also had complaints that the old sticks were too long, to store easily in the cab.
    We like to listen to our customers feedback on our products, and we took all the info we had and created this “New” Height stick!

    /Gunnar, AutoHauler Supply, LLC

  • Bandit

    Sorry Ya’ll, I guess I just misunderstood when I read the full story and it said that Stephen had spent a four year period developing this new piece of equipment they were calling the ‘Life Saver Height Stick’. I just knew that I had used that tool for many a year, on many a load and it was a definite asset to me. It damn sure beats a tape measure and ladder. Mine collapsed to about 4′ I believe.

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