How to: Do a Brake Job

John Baxter | March 01, 2012





Adjust the slack adjuster manually to create proper stroke.

10. Once the drum and wheel have been re-installed, and attaching nuts torqued, adjust the slack manually. Turn the hex clockwise just till the linings touch the drum, and then back off the adjustment ¼ to ½ turn. Check the slack maker’s specification on back-off hex rotation, and follow any special requirements, such as the need to remove the pawl to adjust slacks made by Meritor.





Measure the distance from the face of the brake chamber to the clevis both with brakes released and applied at 90 psi. Subtract the first dimension from the second to get stroke measurement.

11.  Measure brake stroke at 90 psi application pressure, and make sure it conforms to CVSA standards for the size and type of chamber.








12.  Test the brakes at a low speed in a safe, level area.







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