Inspection spree puts 2,700 out of service, sees all-time OOS rate low

| November 04, 2013

brake adjustment inspectionOf the 20,067 commercial vehicles inspected in the September-held Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s Brake Safety Week, 2,714 were placed out of service to produce a 13.5 percent out-of-service rate, tying May 2013 and September 2010 for the lowest out-of-service rates for CVSA inspection blitzes since they began in 1998. 


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Of the 71,630 drivers inspected in this year's Roadcheck 2013 inspection blitz, 4.3 were placed out of service, with half of the out-of-service orders stemming ...

In a joint effort with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, CVSA and other commercial vehicle safety inspectors across North America conducted Sept. 8-14 the more than 20,000 Level I or Level IV inspections just on brake systems to check for regulatory compliance. 

The out-of-service rate for brake adjustment was 9 percent, as 1,811 vehicles were placed out for brake adjustment issues. The 9 percent is near a record low — 7.1 percent in 2000.

In 2012’s Brake Safety Week, 21,255 vehicles were inspected, and 15.3 percent were placed out of service. The same year, 9.4 percent were placed out for brake adjustment issues. 

This year, 1,434, 7.1 percent, were placed out of service for brake component problems, compared to 7.8 percent last year. 

In 2011 and 2010, 14.2 percent and 13.5 percent of vehicles were placed out of service in the Brake Safety Week blitz, respectively. 

  • chuck

    Brake adjustment is a pretty stupid or just plain lazy for being placed out of service and to make this even look worse to the general public most brakes today are self adjusting, and the rest require the same size wrench. For the 9 % that made the rest of the industry look bad you should get off you dead but or pay someone to adjust them for you. I just can’t understand why the trucking industry has such a bad reputation.

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    It is simple, self adjusting brakes often fail to function properly, very often in fact, I am surprised the OOS rate isn’t higher

  • John Scott

    I would say the reduction in brake adjustment issues comes from the simple fact most trucks and trailers on the road now have automatic adjustments. I would say more attention should be given to other parts like shoes, pads and drums and discs. Airlines, tires, and suspension. This to me is not a safety check but rather a revenue check. If safety was involved they would check for more severe problems.

  • John Scott

    Well we know that a lot of drivers don’t do a decent pre trip or post trip inspection. Its a guess but I will bet more containers failed then anything else. Nobody does much with those chassis.

  • ron

    Maybe, but automatic slack adjusters does not mean maintainence free. I agree with you on the rest though.

  • Wheelman

    Is that 9% how many where company trucks and OO trucks. That’s what I would like to know. Self adjusters are just one more thing most drivers don’t know how to maintain. Give me a creeper and a 9/16 wrench and I know they are adjusted.

  • mousekiller

    Want to pass a brake inspection? Easy. When stopped do not set brakes. First press down on brake pedal if you have a pressure gauge do about 50 lbs or a bit more.. hold for 3 or so seconds. Then release This will adjust them . I have never failed a brake check doing this. it works..

  • Ken Nilsen

    I was checked and they did check more than adjustment, while under there they did in fact inspect linings, drums, chambers, and air lines. Since I had one changed he asked about when it was changed since it was different than the others.

  • mousekiller

    I agree. Like looking for cracks in the frame, Loose cross members bolts, loose or missing shock bolts or nuts. I had a very intense inspection in NM on 54 a few years back. He found one loose bolt on cross member. One loose shock bolt . and One wire hanging . NO tickets as I had the wrenches and tape out and every thing tightened before he was done. He did not get upset either. Many drivers are afraid to do anything but take the tickets,pay and complain..

    This BS of excess grease and or oil ticket. How is that going to cause an accident or breakdown. ? A glob of grease on the zirk fitting. Give me a beak . Most of this stuff is revenue enhancement.

  • mousekiller

    The newer slack adjusters have a label on them , DO NOT MANUALLY ADJUST.. Kind of a catch 22.

  • igore

    Some of the steep grades out west I want too adjust my own brakes

  • It’sLies

    If safety was the real issue they would inspect all vehicles like their own cars and suv’s that have all kind of pre trip violations but you know us slaves are just a feeding pot for the natzi cops.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    You can easily kill a self-adjusting slack by manually adjusting it.

  • Reeder am

    Most of the reason auto slack adjusters stop functioning properly is from lack of grease or rip or hole in dust moisture boot. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.