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| December 12, 2008

Served on the weekend brunch menu, the Yuppie Trucker is a fried egg BLT on a whole wheat bagel.


The Wichita Art Museum’s restaurant, the Spartan, named one of four new menu items the Yuppie Trucker. “Served on the weekend brunch menu, the Yuppie Trucker is a fried egg BLT on a whole wheat bagel, $7,” reports And it probably goes down great with a $6 grande mocha cappuccino latte.


A trucker the British press dubbed a “love rat” told his wife he had a long-distance delivery to make. Trouble was, he didn’t tell her just how long. Or that he would be delivering himself to his lover in Mexico, reports England’s Online Sun.

Peter Gilbert’s wife called police after he went missing, and they tracked him down to the Mexican resort area of Vallarta, where he was opening a restaurant with his girlfriend.

“I might possibly come home,” Gilbert, a father of two, told the Sun. “I don’t know.”


With trucker mesh caps being hip for a few years now, it’s hard to get an edge – unless you’re willing to pay the big bucks for a Von Dutch brand, recently popularized by Paris Hilton on her reality television show, “The Simple Life.” Many listed on the company website cost $42, such as this Jersey Chris hat. Or you could spend $75 for a corduroy version, or $99 for a suede one

Big-Bore Engines Making Big Comeback. Don’t Compromise.

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