International sells 500 LoneStars to Celadon

| May 08, 2014

International LoneStarIn what the company has said is its largest sale ever, Navistar announced it has sold 500 International LoneStar on-highway tractors to Celadon Trucking Services.

The trucks are equipped with the Cummins ISX15 and with Navistar’s OnCommand Connection diagnostics system.

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  • Tim McFarland


  • Dave

    Thank God we’ve all been informed of this!!!

  • Kevin Miller

    That was almost worth my time

  • CopeTG

    2 sentences. That’s your article?

  • Tom AndSheila Hurd

    now this is what I like, direct and to the point, no wasted frivolous words to fill up a page. However they could have elaborated a bit such as; OnCommand Connection diagnostics system= ankle bracelet to monitor drivers performance?

  • Nate Rinnert

    Not sure why they are giving these cowboys new trucks. They will destroyed in a few short days.