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Internet Truckstop offering CARB webinar

| January 07, 2013

Internet Truckstop, an online freight-matching service, now offers a  free webinar series to help site members’ transition into new regulations from the California Air Resources Board. The regulation went into effect January 1st, and requires every carrier driving on California roads to comply with rules or face fines. The load board webinar series is four weeks long and begins January 9th. The webinars will be offered each Wednesday beginning at 12:30 p.m. MST and are an hour long each. Each meeting will feature a member of CARB, and topics covered including vehicle inspections, DPFs,  TRUCRS Reporting System, and truck and bus regulations, to name a few. Click here to register or learn more.

  • Amazed

    It is amazing that many truckers are concerned with gun control and EOBRs but an issue like this which goes right to the heart of their ability to actually make a buck, they ignore. The states all agreed on what is allowed and what isn’t, the feds sanctioned most of it while regulating the rest – equipment, logs and so on, but CARB is a serious problem for everyone outside of California because it is a form of regulating interstate commerce by using blanket style mandated. Isn’t regulating interstate commerce an issue for the feds?

    I mean starting with the supreme court’s decision about farmers growing crops for personal use to the latest decisions about their privilege to regulate interstate commerce through the commerce clause of the constitution, CARB can’t for any reason tell any one with an out of state registered truck they can’t enter or drive on federally supported roads. Permits and such are not the same issue, we are talking about costly and purposefully regulating interstate commerce. For that matter, if there is any delivery beyond the federal highway system or roads that are federally supported, then that can too constitute regulating interstate commerce by California.

    IF the feds say they can’t do anything about it, then there is an issue with the court’s decision about the interstate commerce clause, seeing that then drug laws, health care laws and so on were all based on these decisions and to allow the state to control a key aspect of the mandate would have to mean all other things are in the hands of the states, not the feds. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.