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Interstate Distributor announces new pay package

Interstate Distributor’s new package, “My Pay”, provides over-the-road regional drivers with a competitive base rate per mile with the potential to add an additional 3 cents per mile quarterly.

The compensation package focuses on safety, service and operational excellence. Officials say it gives the company the ability to create new jobs, add more home time options and improve average weekly miles while adding 350 2013 Freightliners to its fleet.

For more information, visit the Interstate website.

  • Marty Marsh

    Let me tell you about safety bonuses and these other scams.
    First,do you honestly think that a truck driver goes out with the intentions of hurting someone or wrecking a truck?This is one of the biggest scams going.It is suppose to be an incentive to keep out of trouble,what are we fortune tellers.The reason accidents are called accidents because no one intends to get in to one.To even think that you are going to prevent accidents by paying someone more is off the wall.Also these companies that pay like this take that pay away if you scratch a mirror,but they don’t replace the mirror,so that ought to tell you something right there.
    If you want to get screwed just go drive for someone that has these stupid bonuses instead of what they should be paying you to begin with.
    Folks it’s all smoke and mirrors. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.