‘Is that Glenn Keller?'

Todd Dills | July 01, 2012

“I’m blessed, at my height, not to have developed Type 2 diabetes or having to go on blood pressure medications.” Following a diagnosis of sleep apnea 10 years ago, Keller is already saddled with a CPAP machine that “goes everywhere with me,” as he wrote in one of his Fit Nation blog posts. “I’ve been unable to go anywhere without it for years.”

When his weight loss really gets going, it’s possible to escape the sleep apnea condition — provided weight gain is the primary culprit in the condition. Keller’s CPAP machine recently went down, he says. Without it for a brief time, he felt sufficiently energized by natural sleep to, during the Healthy Trucking Association’s Healthy Trucking Summit in Atlanta in April, take another sleep test that confirmed he still had the apnea condition.

All the same, he’s hopeful getting to 200 pounds will allow him to cast off the yoke of the machine.

He’s got “75-80 pounds to go,” he said in May. Wish him luck.



Keller’s training regimen

Getting in the necessary exercise to train for a triathlon isn’t exactly easy for Glenn Keller. CNN producers, he says, were up front with him — and he with them — about such difficulty from the get-go. “I wonder if they’ll ever let another driver” go through the program, he jokes about his scheduling.

Follow Keller and his six CNN Fit Nation triathlon teammates’ progress via http://www.cnn.com/fitnation.

Since he’s so often away from home hauling between Texas and the East Coast, every Monday his trainer emails a schedule for him to keep to throughout the week. “It could be a 30-minute jog one day,” Keller says, “30 minutes on the exercise bike the next.” He gets swimming in when at home at a nearby public pool.

Out of practice with his breaststroke, working with trainers to get his technique together has seen Keller drinking “my fair share of chlorine lately,” he says. Here’s a little tip, too: If you run around the perimeter of the parking lot at the big Atlanta Petro, “it’s exactly 3.1 miles,” or 5 kilometers. It was just perfect training for his first 5K run in May (see main story).

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