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Jack Roberts

It never hurts to ask

| January 11, 2013

Which brings us to Lessons Three and Four today:

Turns out, my eczema was cured and long gone. (The dermatologist didn’t seem too thrilled to hear I’d cured it with some damn fish oil. But that’s another story.)

The problem was I am allergic to shoe leather. So if you’re wandering around with itchy feet all the time, it might be because you’re allergic to the leather work boots that everybody in the trucking industry spends 10 or 12 hours a day in. It’s definitely worth looking into, anyway.

Which brings us to the final lesson for the day: It never hurts to ask. I thought I knew all the answers. And even though I wasn’t solving my problem – hell, the problem was getting worse – I didn’t bother to ask anyone for advice or help because I was an expert and I’d eventually figure it out on my own.

Only I didn’t.

So, to recap:

If you’ve got eczema, go get some Omega 3-6-9.

If your feet are driving you crazy, you might be allergic to your shoes. (Google it. I did.) Go see a dermatologist and find out.

Finally, you’re not the expert you think you are. If you can’t figure something out, ask someone.

Oh, and Roll Tide!

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