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It’s true — ‘Sexiest Trucker Alive’ did go to the Himalayas: ‘IRT: Dealiest Roads’ premieres

| September 17, 2010

They were speaking truth over at Esquire mag when, as I wrote here in June, they noted that their annointed “Sexiest Trucker Alive,” Ice Road Truckers star and Alaskan Dalton Highway hauler Lisa Kelly (pictured), was in the Himalayas filming a television show. It was announced today that the new History Channel series “IRT: Deadliest Roads,” in which Kelly and other IRT notables — Alex Deborgorski and Rick Yemm among them — tackle “the world’s highest mountain ranges, where the rules of the road don’t apply,” the producers say, would be premiering October 3 on History.

Filmed on historic trade routes in the Himalayas, between western India and lower-lying Asia Minor, the IRT veterans delivered cargo ranging from water to sheep from village to village, encountering all manner of obstacles along the way. In the December 2009 issue of Truckers News, Deirdra Drinkard wrote about this region through the eyes of U.S. hauler Ed Main, who’d gotten the opportunity to drive there a bit himself.

An excellent film trailer-style promo for the new series is up on Facebook. Go give it a whirl, and hang on to your hats… and CBs. You might well need both.

  • buffalo

    I drive a cab in the city of phx az
    about 200 to 250 miles a day, I was
    amazed at the way they drive over
    there.I have had transplants from
    India to phx. they told me driving
    was dangerous in India, to say the
    least, YEAH! you go Lisa, you can
    do it .

  • prissi

    I am a nervous wreck watching this show. All of my other favorites…..IRT, Deadliest Catch, all of the logging shows….all seem so tame. I used to think the Dalton would give you nightmares……it is some tame compared to this craziness in The Himalayas. I have to wonder how safe Lisa feels over there. I also think the camera crew must be getting hazardous duty pay… least, I hope so.

  • ct uconn

    Ithink u do not to be a good driver but just not fair death i have been driv 25 years and you just have to not be afraid of dying its like a race car driver you eather have it or you dont

  • NancyBaldwin

    This show has scared me to death, all I want to know his Lisa and the other drvers safe. I would really like to know why these drivers and Lisa Kelly would do such thing….Just tell me they are all alive and back in the States..


    why do you continue to give footage to that pansy self indulged, conceited and childish jackass Dave. He deserves no place among the real courageous, moral and altruistic heroes of the IRT and adventurous stars of your show
    It baffles me – he has no place with such real truckers.
    -Paul A.


    Lisa is my hero!!!
    -Paul A.

  • Paul Agogliati

    Hey Lisa –
    Don’t let them sex you up with the black evening gown etc. – you are quite beautiful and sexier in your common working attire, and fresh raw lovely face. Trust me – You are FINE
    – Paul A.

  • Misty BigRig

    I think she’s great… sometimes its ok to glam up a truck. She’s beautiful :-) strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.