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Keeping video documentation of your mishaps

20130531-101845.jpgDash cams aren’t new, but they are gaining some traction in the industry — especially for some fleets — among those looking for a little protection in case a crash or other incident is wrongly blamed on them.

On display at The Great West Truck Show this week is one being marketed to drivers — the Truck Cam, which keeps forward-facing high-def video records of the last 24 hours the truck has been driven.


It has a built-in GPS unit that keeps location synced with the video and automatically starts and stops recording. It saves mp4 files to a removable 64-gigabyte memory card.

Pictured above is the RoadHawk HD camera, which is the one being shown at GWTS.

Have you ever considered buying one for your truck? Drop a comment below to tell us what you think about dash cams.

  • Omid Gharipour

    Would love to get one for my parents who drive as a team, the question is where could I buy a Roadhawk in Canada. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.