KeepTruckin plans to offer free ELD to its pre-mandate e-logbook users

| April 16, 2014
KeepTruckin two-phone shot

You can find information about the KeepTruckin software via this link to the company website.

The people behind the KeepTruckin logging software platform for Android and iOS mobile devices are committed, says CEO Shoaib Makani, to giving away associated hardware to satisfy the electronic logging device mandate free of charge to all users. That is, should the mandate take effect in future. 

Current plans from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration show a track suggesting a compliance date as early as 2016. 

How will the company do it? “We’re definitely going to have the hardware,” currently in development to connect to trucks’ electronic control modules, a requirement of the ELD mandate, says Makani. “And the model will be to give it away and generate value on top.” Armed with a subscriber base, KeepTruckin will be able to offer fleet and owner-operator customers dynamic products on top of the current free service — premium software add-ons to its free web-based dispatching platform like IFTA reporting, maintenance monitoring, sophisticated load planning and further dispatching tools, as well as factoring services — in order to stay profitable.

With connections to truck operating data via ELD hardware, further offerings could extend into usage-based insurance — Makani points a model in what the MetroMile company is doing in the auto space today. Likewise, “If we have the digital connection with drivers such that we know where they are and if they are loaded or not, we can deliver the best load board service that has ever existed,” he says.


New logging app/dispatching platform seeded by Google Ventures

The new KeepTruckin smartphone app for Android and iOS and web-based dispatching application is a computer-assisted log with much other functionality besides.

There’s a catch to the free-ELD offer, if you can call it a catch: users will have to at least be using the KeepTruckin electronic logbook (available for Android and iOS) in advance of the mandate “to get the ELD hardware for free,” Makani says. “This advances our current goal as well” — more users of the free logbook and dispatch software in the short term. Both have grown primarily by word of mouth, Makani says, since Overdrive first reported on it, to 15,000 active driver users today. 

That product, including the dispatching functionality, will remain free, Makani says, regardless of what happens with the mandate. “We’ll be adding additional features to the software-only product” as well, “but the core product will remain as it is, and remain free.”

KeepTruckin’s technology today, as previously reported, is seeded by lead investor Google Ventures, a fact Makani says skeptics might do well to remember. “Drivers and fleets can be sure that we will be able to deliver on our promise of a free ELD,” he says. “We have an incredible engineering team and are financially backed by the pioneer of ‘freemium’ technology products.” You know who.

  • Greg Winter

    Perfect propaganda from the hardware and software companies. After all….they’re lock step behind this mandate with the ATA and the big companies that want us small guys out if the business. Just like the new rumor of changing the hours rules should the E-log mandate go through. It’s just another way to get us to soften up to the idea. Makes me sick. We are just puppets on a string.

  • Brennan

    Somebody needs to learn how to hack the software and be able to change our times. If hackers can steal millions they can crack the hours lock on those devices and we will still be in business.

  • Kiwi

    Wow!!! Free!!! Gotta love it. Now when the FMCSA forces us to use ELD’s I won’t have to dump thousands into a satellite tracking system.

  • Dave Nichols

    I have them for about 6 months now. eld s make life a lot easier for me and my drivers. Unless you want to run illegal, they are a time saver and prevent ALL the form and manner violations from ever happening. these are the little things that dirty up your csas cores for no meaningful purpose.
    The system has many added benefits, tracking all the pto hours and fuel use for off road refunds, instant notice for maintenance due, etc. Look at it with a more open mind and make it work for you, not against you.

  • Mike Smith

    I don’t care about free E-LOGS, or piad for E-LOGS. This is not the issue AND must NOT continue TO BE THE ISSUE. E-logs are an invasion of privacy, they are an infringement on us. It is government over reach. It is THE GOVERNMENT CREATING MORE NEW JOBS at our, great, expense. And they are using safety as an deceitful blanket to cover their encroachment on us.

    This is like spying on citizens.

    If the gov wants to stop accidents then they should stop all the foreigners driving in our country. They should drop ALL SPEED LIMITS TO 35 MILES PER HR.

    There was a study by our country that came out this last week that covered China and India. These savages just don’t know how to function in AUTOMOBILES now matter how many signs or directions there are, according to the researcher. Look it up on the net. THIS IS ANOTHER HUGE PROBLEM CAUSED BY OUR GOVERNMENT & THE CORPORATIONS AND BUSINESSES THAT PROFIT OF THESE 3RD WORLD SAVAGES IN THE COUNTRY WE BUILT: FROM SEA TO SHINING SEA.

    The Bundy Ranch issue showed that the only thing the people in power understand is force. This not me saying this this is HISTORY.

  • Mike Smith

    Then you should use the ELD. We should not be required/forced to use it!

  • LoneWolf

    Us owner operators need to go vigalante on these big company’s and maybe then they’ll figure out not to shove this shit down our neck!!!

  • art

    I don’t need a computer to tell me when to eat sleep shit piss or anything else

  • douglasmorton

    I will bet you a new 389 that we still won’t get paid a fair amount for waiting to load or unload, fair state laws ( meaning Californicate) or anything else that ends up costing us. Don’t forget the heavier loads the feds want to raise without the roads or bridges to withstand them no matter how many axles.

  • Sedric

    What a jock

  • ToucheTurtle

    The last I knew we lived in the United States of America where we have the freedom to run our business in a way that works for us and still operate within the guidelines of the trucking industry. The past few years have added tons of regulations, masses of paperwork, new requirements for medical certification, the threat of sleep apnea testing, increased taxes of every form . . . the list is endless, and still there is more garbage coming down the pike. In short, Uncle Sam is sticking his nose into areas of my personal business that are none of HIS business, and I’m not very happy about it!

    For folks like you who want to use all the techie stuff, please feel free to do so. I really could care less! But at the same time, I should still be free to choose to do my logs the old way if I want to. I’ve done just fine filling out my own logs for over 35 years, and I sure as H*LL don’t need some bureaucrat in D.C. telling me how I have to fill them out now using some damn machine I don’t want to use and can get along just fine without! This kind of stuff just costs me money and makes someone else rich at my expense. That is all I need is one more hand dipping into the ever decreasing amount of money I make!

    I have taken care of business for many years without Big Brother checking every single aspect of my day! However, these days it seems like I can’t even roll over and pass gas without documenting it. Apparently someone has eliminated the option of being an independent contractor and didn’t tell those of us who go up and down the road delivering America’s freight safely and on time!

  • ToucheTurtle

    Don’t worry . . . that satellite tracking system is on their Christmas wish list. It will eliminate hunting for stolen trucks and trailers . . . or a driver who is just hiding out to catch a quick nap!!!!!

  • Rick Ski

    I do have a friend who runs with qualcom. He hates it. Many times while on the phone with him, I can hear this thing yapping: U have only seven minutes of remaining drive time..etc. And he is at the moment at construction zone..What he does? He is speeding to make it to a rest area on time.
    I can give you many examples of how much more stress these devices are giving drivers and forcing them to speed in the cities etc. Drivers are doing this to keep average speed higher and make more money. It may be more convenient for the owner of the business but…I’m the business owner and I will do anything possible to still have choices in this country

  • shadow hauling

    I don’t care of its free or not, if you can’t read or tell time then get it but don’t force it on those of us that don’t need or don’t want it. Just because it’s free is that supposed to mean its good. Don’t you see that the government would like everyone to jump on this FREE offer to make it easier to get the rest to conform to their ever stupid and demanding regulations. How many of these regulations are being silently pushed forward by the rail industry that we drivers are helping to fund ?

  • Wojciech

    So tell me if your Driver is 25 minutes away from the base but His Elog tells him he has 15 more minutes of driving left. Does he stop 10 Minutes away from base and goes on Mandatory 10 Hour brake?

  • Allan

    If you like em you should be free to use them. If I don’t want one why should I be forced to have one?

  • Mind Games

    They cannot stop anyone behind the desk from doing s++t to the driver UNLESS they can imagine every situation and thus run up on the CEO’s that contol this industry and BABY that AIN’t gonna happen. I can see that we drivers will return full circle and demand a nationwide UNION.

  • midnight hauler

    You’ve been brainwashed

  • midnight hauler

    These guys are a bunch of worms trying to capitalize on the trucking industry. Remember…nothing is free this will cost us one way or another.

  • Michael Bechara

    I just downloaded this app . and I like it ! I’m glad that it’s free and it’s the first app that I have seen that is free to the drivers . after I try it out I will post an update on how it is and if I like using it I’ll keep you posted .

  • mikebech

    Guys try it ! I like this app. you can edit just like a single sheet and it keeps everything neat and it’s paperless . trust me I’m the first one to bitch if it’s not right for us . but this is the first e log that I like and you can edit and if you make a mistake it will tell you so there is no violations to worry about as far as your log book goes . check it out then pass judgment .

  • John Ryan

    Thank you for you are 100% correct

  • John Ryan

    Well your gonna have one

  • John Ryan

    Ain’t nuttin free

  • John Ryan

    You don’t have enough people to do that. To many lying chicken shhhits driving trucks. It’s like when you say I support our troops then get in your toyta wearing your nike crap and go to wal-mart

  • John Ryan

    Come on be real

  • John Ryan

    Dave your incorrect. And like a bastard once said (no gov. mandate) when he was running for office. It’s the gov. that can’t be trusted.

  • John Ryan

    You are correct. I came back to trucking to see for myself the e-log fuss. I found that I will not elect to come back as an O/O and be forced to drive under these kind of rules. many times I found myself out of hrs. and looking for some place to park. Also any moron can see how dangerous it is to cram 11hrs work into 14hr days. Who was the moron that came up with that one??

  • John Ryan

    YES you must stop. If theirs no place to park you best find one. If it’s on a ramp and Barney comes to run you off you have a problem now for sure. By the way have a nice day

  • cw

    Make plenty of money to afford your bs elds. Will I do it no. If I have to we’ll hack em and drive how we know is safe. This ain’t Europe were Americans and won’t go down without fighting.

  • Fox

    This is the kind of infantile mind site these people have.

    They’re a bunch of ignorant children.

  • FoxStar

    Differing opinion? Must be brainwashed!

    Not very bright, are you?

  • Coffeeclue

    Eclipse software does this too.

  • mousekiller

    Each and every one of us is different. We have different eating schedules, bath room needs and we work different than the next driver. Some drivers stop often to walk around drink a cup of coffee or a soda to stay alert and others not as often but we do get the job done safely.
    Some of us, like me need only 5 to 5 1/2 hrs sleep a night to do a good safe job the rest of the day.
    I have been that way for the past 60 years. Now I am forced to sit around waiting for the next 4 or so hours to pass while I am now beginning the first stages of getting tired, or as the fmcsa says “fatigued”.. Boredom is a killer and it is now law to become bored and too tired ( fatigued) to drive because of stupid regulations requiring a 10 hr off to say nothing of the idiotic 30 minute break for REST.
    Rules made by the unknowing ignorant foot soldiers for the FMCSA.. Until this Ann Ferro and La Hood types popped up on the scene we did not do so bad. Now our country is going to the dogs with fanfare. However the 3 martini lunch crowd thinks all of us need more off time for so called rest than they do.
    Control is the reason for all this BS in the transportation field.
    Whom ever controls the transportation industry controls the country.
    When the professionals and other quality drivers that refuse to be under the thumb of EOBR leave the industry ask your self this. Who is going to replace us? What is the real reason for it when it worked so very well from the 1930’s ?
    Remember that the log books were pushed upon us by the unions back in the very early days when trucks had hard rubber tires and open cabs. . Back then it was looked upon by drivers as not a bad deal as it was a record of their time worked so they were not screwed in their paycheck.
    Then the purpose of the log book was pay.
    Now it is a big issue for safety by the talking heads of govt..
    To me no comparison. Drivers know them selves better than anyone else. Let us decide when to stop and for how long to be safe and healthy with out penalty..
    When we dumped the DOT did we actually jump from the pan to the fire in the long run?

    EOBR does only one thing good for the drivers. It records work time by the minute instead of 15 minute increments. Big friggen deal.

    It does not improve safety. It does not prevent accidents . It does not prevent fatigue.It does not make our highways safer. It does not allow a driver to perform to their fullest potential.

  • mousekiller

    Tell me more about illegal. More control is your answer to freedom to
    work,? Freedom to take a break.? Freedom to get the job done.?
    with the EOBR as it is just one more way to control. YOU OPEN OUR MIND.
    Why is it so illegal to do the job a driver can do safely.? If you
    require 6 hrs of rest why do you HAVE to sit for 4 more hours giving up
    the rest you earned? Because it is stupid that’s why? Imposed upon us
    by uneducated unknowing pencil pushing 3 martini drinking bureaucrats.
    today a drivers is safe working 13 hours and tomorrow 8 hours the the
    next 10 hrs and sleeps each night until he is rested then continues on
    is wrong? BS. Being allowed to take a break as needed, not demanded or
    regulated by non transportation idiots. If illegal is based on
    today’s HOS they yeah. but based on real world figures then NO. Far
    too many are SHEEPLE including company honchos and owners and managers
    and far too many drivers that are easily giving up their personal
    freedoms because they are afraid of the big bad government. . Drivers
    need very little tethering to be safe. I have a hard time understand
    people that say . “Make it work for you.” That is not unlike buying a
    pair of shoes too small but is told to go ahead and wear them you’ll
    get used to them. That is sheeple thinking no matter if your the owner
    or a driver. Sheeple is why we are in this mess today. Got to Go along
    to get along is costing us our constitution and freedoms.
    You don’t
    mind that your drivers HAVE to be in rush hour traffic instead of being
    allowed to shut down until it is safer and less crowed to go and lose
    time ( pay) on the 14 hour clock. Are you going to reimburse them the
    lost time ? Very doubtful . Then your part of the problem .
    thought process is a direct result of the RECTAL CRANIAL INVERSION
    syndrome that is sweeping this country like a wildfire.
    CSA scores are a bogus formulation to eliminate the small carriers brought to you by liberals with an agenda.

    This BS with HOS, ELD and EOBR is nothing more than a means to get absolute control of the transportation of this country.
    Once you have that Rectal CRANIAL INVERSION corrected you will see the big picture .To correct the R.C. Inversion is to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

    Learn something about our history of this country and why people came here to escape what was happening in their country.
    It is now in the early stages of happen here now..

  • mousekiller

    I agree with you.
    I wonder how many of these sheeple that want EOBR really know the rules . If it fails you still have to produce the last 7 days. Can they. NO, not unless they do a paper log each day too. Do they .NO.

  • mousekiller

    Unfortunately the EOBR is hooked to the ECM on the engine. it is showing every thing you do. When you start the truck shift gears and moving, speed, gear your in , used clutch or not and when you roll over in the bunk. sensors too. The whole shebang. Hacking will get you fired fast. Unless a wire touches the manifold or the DPF garbage and melts then it is paper logs until fixed but. The company will then head you for a fix it shop faster than for a flat tire repair.
    Speaking of EOBR. it seems that the hard braking is a big issue. I own a 97 Freightliner and it already has the sensor in it for recording not just hard braking but other things . Why is this Hard Braking a big deal when the sensor is already installed at the factory? More propaganda for the unknowing drones in the shop that spec’s these trucks. .

  • mousekiller

    You must like losing your freedoms or really aren’t a trucker but a steering wheel holder. Brainwashed come to mind. Your benefits are bogus. Can’t you use a pencil and paper or a calculator? Your behind the problem. Not all of the EOBR does that but why would anyone need to use that when many of the GPS systems have it too.? the hat must be a bit tight too.

  • Mike Smith

    That is what you thought.

    We now live under a Fascist government. A Fascist government DICTATES. Hence the word DICTATOR. Another part of what a Fascist gov does is to immerse themselves in the business of business.

    We can clearly see that these things are what is happening in our country.

    This Fascist government is in league with the corporations, and businesses that are bribing them to do there bidding. And the government gladly does it.

    The people in power have and are masking, hiding, and BLACKING OUT what they want in order to achieve their goals. An example of this is the female news anchor who recently quit because of the perversion, conversion, twisting of the news she was forced to do for the people im power whom she worked for.

    We are facing a Fascist government in league with corporations. We are facing something far more sinister than we will ever be told.

  • thirsty dog

    I like this app also… it allows total editing and captures the city/state automatically. Let me say it again — total editing of your logs — It shows a violation? Fix it however you like. Plus you can email them to your dispatcher & yourself as backup.

  • mikebech

    Thanks Thirsty Dog . I’m a 32 year vet in trucking and I like this free log book .like you and I said you can edit it and you don’t have to buy log books anymore so it does save a little money some of these hard heads haven’t tried it and are passing judgment before they try it . come on guy this thing is on our side .

  • Daniel C Driver

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