Kings of Cool

| April 07, 2005

A visual inspection is also in order because if the coolant is brown or full of sediment, it’s severely contaminated, meaning the system will have to be flushed and the coolant replaced. But even if coolant is clean, that’s no guarantee it is working. If you don’t know, check it because only the test strips can tell you if you have adequate protection.

For further information contact:

Shell Oil
(800) 782-7852

The Penray Companies
(800) 322-2143

(925) 842-1000

Modine Manufacturing
(262) 636-1200

Peterbilt Motors Co.
(940) 591-4000

Mack Trucks, Inc.
(610) 709-3011

Caterpillar Engine Div.
(309) 675-1000

Detroit Diesel Corp.
(313) 592-5000

(615) 367-0040

The Penray Companies
(800) 322-2143

(602) 252-0280

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