Lawsuits continue to mount against Pilot Flying J

| May 06, 2013

pilot 2At least two more lawsuits have been filed against Pilot Flying J as a result of federal allegations against the company that came in the form of a 120-page affidavit used by the FBI and IRS to obtain a search warrant against the company and accusing it of defrauding trucking companies out of millions of dollars in fuel rebates.

The two confirmed lawsuits include one filed in Mississippi by Bruce Taylor, who filed an individual and class-action lawsuit against Pilot Flying J. Taylor is a Pilot customer and participated in a fuel rebate program since 2005. Like the previous lawsuits filed against the company, Taylor’s lawsuit relies on evidence in the affidavit submitted by the FBI.

Taylor is suing for fraud, deceptive trade practices, unjust enrichment,conversion, breach of contract and fraudulent concealment. The lawsuit asks for judgement of compensatory damages, punitive damages, injunction barring continuation of the fraud and costs incurred in taking legal action. It also requests a jury trial. Click here to see the lawsuit documents.

The second confirmed lawsuit was filed in Illinois and, unlike the others previously reported on, names specific members of Pilot management and executives, including owner and CEO Jimmy Haslam.

Wisconsin-based fleet Edis Trucking brought the class-action lawsuit and says Pilot flying J executives and other employees conducted “through a pattern of unlawful activity—to wit, they engaged in repetitious and systematic mail fraud, interstate wire fraud, and/or foreign wire fraud in violation of” commerce laws to their own “financial benefit and to the Plaintiff’s and Class Members’ financial detriment.”

Edis is suing for violation of U.S. Code, conspiracy, breach of contract, tortious interference with a contract, negligent misrepresentation, unjust enrichment, fraudulent concealment and more. Edis is seeking for themselves and others in the class action suit for repayment of actual, consequential and incidental damages; punitive damages; treble damages for violation of federal law; injunctive relief; and attorney’s fees and court costs. They too are asking for a jury trial. Click here to see the lawsuit documents.

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  • No Reform

    RICO Statutes maybe??? The Feds would confiscate a bunch of stuff andput these brothers in Prison. Gov Haslam owns 59% of the Corporation…..he is corrupt like his brother..they should be locked up for cheating Truckers…and NEVER get out.

  • jimmy2708

    they are rich and politically connected. no judge in this land will ever drag them into criminal court

  • Rich Jumper

    I be once it all shakes out the total dollars will be greater than the Bernie Madoff ponzi scheme.

    How many years did he get??

  • James Deboard

    Crooked and always have been!!!!

  • Mike P.

    It just goes to show what Greed and deception will get you! Not to mention that Pilot/Flying J has been shoving that Bio-Based fuel crap down our throats and selling it at the same price as regular diesel! I think that are getting what they deserve!

  • jrhix

    Nice guys one and all.

  • former Knoxvillian

    i have known the Haslam family all of my life. They are good people.

  • Truckertwotimes

    This is good to see, Pilot must have really promised trucking companies the moon in order to cause such havvoc at Pilot Travel Centers, the waiting lines in fuel islands and parking lots statuses as a whole are in humane and drivers should start their own law suites on this account alone as well

  • Elijah Isaiah-x

    This is serious and I don;t think the present management will be able to survive this attack or charges. The Chairman and President of the company is always responsible for the people they manage. Regardless if they knew of wrong doing or not.

  • SCR

    we need Haslam here in Cleveland.
    GO BROWNS!!!

  • Jimmy the Greek

    In texas its hard to find a fuel stop that dont have the crap , I only run the southeast and stay on the gulf so i still know were real fuel is , I pay cash so i have unhooked and went to a gas to keep from using the crap ! strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.