Left-coast gamble: CARB forces tough yearend decision for many owner-operators

| September 27, 2013


Road rumors were the talk of the summer: On call-in shows, the CB and social media, truckers debated the likelihood of a further delay in the California Air Resources Board’s powertrain upgrade compliance requirements for small fleets and owner-operators. Owner-operators and fleets with three and fewer trucks registered with CARB had been granted a reprieve from compliance with rules to date requiring upgrades of trucks with 1996-2004 model-year engines. That extension runs out at the end of the year, and 2005-06 engines now come into CARB’s upgrade mix.

Analyzing CARB compliance choices: Running in California? Use our interactive tool to determine upgrade options for your 1996-2004 model year engine. Below, find a chart detailing some of the options as well.

“We’ve heard rumblings that there are probably going to be extensions,” reader Donna Klaffky Pullan posted to Overdrive’s Facebook page in August. “What are you hearing?”

Simply, further extensions are not in the offing, says CARB Public Information Officer Karen Caesar. Come Jan. 1, she notes, “the first [particulate matter] filter is now required” for small fleets with 1996-2006 model-year equipment under the upgrade requirements of the agency’s Statewide Truck and Bus Rule. For owner-operators of trucks powered by 1996-2006 model-year engines, this means it’s compliance crunch time if you live in or are running into California on a regular basis.

CARB poll 07/13Strategies for dealing with CARB requirements range from short- to long-term. Shifting freight lanes or continuing to avoid California are the most common options for owner-operators nationwide, according to summer polling. Forty-five percent of Overdrive readers noted they’d either quit running to California (33 percent) or never did in the first place (12 percent).

Owner-operator Bill Taylor’s 2007 Western Star, powered by a 2006 14-liter 515-hp Detroit engine, was leased to FedEx Ground until recently. “They told me I’d have to have my truck CARB-compliant,” Taylor says. He researched his options, working in part with his business services provider, ATBS, and the organization’s maintenance consultant, Bill McClusky.

Nearly four in 10 heavy-duty trucks operated within California this year will be under the CARB Truck and Bus Rule's requirement for upgrade with a diesel particulate filter or replacement at the end of this year, assuming the trucks' engines are the same model year. That's according to data analyzed by RigDig Business Intelligence, a division of Overdrive publisher Randall-Reilly Business Media. The numbers are even more stark when you consider the small fleet population alone. Among carriers operating only one to four trucks, two-thirds of trucks will be affected.

Nearly four in 10 heavy-duty trucks operated within California this year will be under the CARB Truck and Bus Rule’s requirement for upgrade with a diesel particulate filter or replacement at the end of this year, assuming the trucks’ engines are the same model year. That’s according to data analyzed by RigDig Business Intelligence, a division of Overdrive publisher Randall-Reilly Business Media. The numbers are even more stark when you consider the small fleet population alone. Among carriers operating only one to four trucks, two-thirds of trucks will be affected.

Taylor found diesel particulate filter retrofits – putting a particulate matter filter system onto a 1996-2006 model-year engine – to be the least expensive option, even at $15,000 to $16,000. He worked through Ironman Parts, which he calls a “clearinghouse for retrofits,” to come up with an all-inclusive estimate based on his truck specs. “Drop your truck off and two days, three days at most, when you come back, it’s all set to run in California.”

He was considering working with DPF retrofit manufacturer Cleaire, but the company went belly-up following some recalls and fires reportedly caused by a malfunction in its LongMile DPF.

DEFBuying used? Check engine model year closely | If you’re out shopping for a 2007 and later model-year truck in order to continue hauling to California, mind the engine model year of 2007 and 2010 trucks. In used 2007 trucks, there’s a relatively high likelihood the engine model year is 2006 due to the large fleet pre-buy that occurred leading into the exhaust gas recirculation-intensive 2007 emissions specs. Buy a 2007 truck with an ’06 engine, and you’re still not in compliance with CARB requirements come Jan. 1, says Bill McClusky, maintenance consultant for business services provider ATBS.

McClusky’s advice for long-term industry participants – to look for 2010 and later trucks – likewise comes with a caveat given the 2010 transition year. “Make sure that 2010 truck has a diesel exhaust fluid system in it,” he says. If not, the engine model year is probably 2009.

Phoenix- and Las Vegas-based Lightning Logistics, a small fleet with 16 company trucks and about 10 owner-operators, has three fleet trucks serving California and registered with CARB, says co-owner Joe Hammerslough. He kept his truck registrations low to take advantage of the compliance extension for small fleets – which includes a year-by-year upgrade phase-in option – and still run his already-compliant newer trucks in “the biggest U.S. state in terms of freight.”

“There’s a lot of freight out of California,” Hammerslough says. “CARB is having a major effect on long-haul trucks.”

Under the phase-in option, the first of those three registered trucks will have to be upgraded before the beginning of 2014 for Lightning to remain compliant, the next by 2015, the third by 2016.

He describes his thinking: “One of our trucks is a 2005 Peterbilt 387 – it’s worth around $20,000. How do I justify putting $18,000 into the truck [for a DPF retrofit] that won’t increase the performance at all? That’s the issue. So, really, what it comes down to is I have a $20,000 truck with a serviceable life of three or more years that I now have to take out of service.”

Hammerslough’s thoughts echo those of many truckers who see CARB’s rules, unique among other state and federal air-quality regulations, as setting dangerous new precedents by giving operated equipment a premature shelf life. With cars, farm trucks and other equipment, he adds, the general approach in other states has been, “You can drive the old pre-smog vehicle. You can just get rid of it when it runs out of useful life, and it goes away by obsolescence. With trucks, they’ve said, you’ve got to fix your truck or get rid of it.”

The small fleet phase-in option is something of a “sweet spot” for smaller trucking companies in CARB requirements, says Joe Rajkovacz, former owner-operator and now government affairs director at the California Construction Trucking Association.

Download the CCTA’s “Why we fight” statement following their appeal of a federal case against CARB’s emissions regs.

Still, CCTA continues to pursue federal litigation currently on appeal over CARB’s aggressive regulation of the industry. The trucking industry needs to know “if environmental legislation trumps all federal law,” Rajkovacz says. “Buying a truck and keeping it for many years – and in some cases into decades – has always been one of the strengths of small-business trucking.”

The argument made by the CCTA suit is in some ways similar to the one the American Trucking Associations successfully pursued with the Port of Los Angeles’ Clean Trucks Program. ATA objected to the port’s attempt to eliminate the use of independent contractors involved in port drayage. That decision hinged on the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act and its prohibition of state laws or regulations that affect motor carrier prices, routes or services.

The initial decision of the Sacramento circuit court against CCTA was not based on the merits of the argument, in the view of Rajkovacz. Rather, he says, Natural Resources Defense Council lawyers, acting on behalf of CARB, got a somewhat procedural ruling because CCTA hadn’t included the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as a target of the lawsuit with CARB: EPA approved CARB’s State Implementation Plan for the Truck and Bus Rule, hence it federalized the rule, CARB/NRDC lawyers argued.

The possibility that the suit will fail on appeal – and the court ultimately will give CARB the go-ahead on the diesel engine restrictions – has watchers like McClusky urging owner-operators to consider the regulations as permanent. “I really believe a lot of these owner-operators are biding their time, hoping something happens that makes this go away,” he says.

The sister truck to this beautiful Lightning Logistics-owned 2001 Kenworth W900 with a 2001 500-hp Caterpillar C15 engine – “sort of our flagship truck,” says co-owner Joe Hammerslough – is spec’d similarly and owned by an owner-operator leased to the company who has family ties in the Bay Area and is paying off a new transmission. “He’s not looking forward to getting rid of his truck” just to run in California.

The sister truck to this beautiful Lightning Logistics-owned 2001 Kenworth W900 with a 2001 500-hp Caterpillar C15 engine – “sort of our flagship truck,” says co-owner Joe Hammerslough – is spec’d similarly and owned by an owner-operator leased to the company who has family ties in the Bay Area and is paying off a new transmission. “He’s not looking forward to getting rid of his truck” just to run in California.

If staying out of California is your strategy, know that it’s something of a gamble in terms of the rest of the country. Under the Clean Air Act, California has special status in relation to EPA: The state holds the right to develop its own more stringent standards, which other states then can adopt or not. As regards clean air laws, “what starts in California ends up running across the United States,” McClusky says. “There are 20-some other states that have expressed their intent to adopt the CARB regulations. … My opinion is it will happen – it could be six months or six years from now.”

Owner-operators planning long-term should get a 2010 or later model-year engine, McClusky says. Those engines push CARB compliance deadlines out as far as they go, and operators gain the benefit of fuel-saving technology.

While 2007-09 model-year engines will keep operators compliant with the Truck and Bus Rule through 2022, “from a fuel mileage perspective, they are some of the worst,” says McClusky. “With 2010 engines and later, all that changed, allowing them much better fuel mileage. If I’m going to be in the industry at least another 10 years, the benefit of having that fuel mileage will be great. If you’re only in it for another three years – maybe jump into a 2007-09 and finish out your time, or make the gamble that other states won’t adopt [CARB regulations].”

McClusky and others, however, acknowledge the difficulty of financing a new truck for owner-operators, and used trucks with 2010 engine technology are hard to come by – and none too cheap. “This whole regulation is driving up prices on [CARB]-compliant trucks,” McClusky says.

Hammerslough says “2010 technology is still in the $70,000 range” for a basic sleeper truck, and as much as $100,000 or more for a premium-spec’d Peterbilt.

Click through the image to use our interactive graphic to determine your options for getting CARB-compliant under the Truck and Bus rule in 2014.

Click through the image to use our interactive graphic to determine your options for getting CARB-compliant under the Truck and Bus rule in 2014.

Read Part 2 in this series, detailing CARB’s emissions-regs enforcement patterns and powers, and more on operational choices.

  • g

    They are saying 40% of the trucks running in Calif are
    these OLD jalopies…probably driven by illegal aliens..its best that they are IMPOUNDED and the “driver”/illegal alien is arrested and deported….good for Safety and Pollution.

  • g

    How does a small “fleet” find a DRIVER to drive an OLD beat Pile of CRAP??? Today’s CSA Compliant DRIVER is Certified, Licensed, Purified for the SAINTHOOD…..why would he jeopordize his CDL to drive a falling apart TICKET MAGNET Old TRUCK???? Only an EX CONVICT or Illegal Alien would drive a 1996-2006 truck to BEGIN with…they need to hunt these illegal down and arrest them and the Jerk who HIRES them.

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  • Dave

    “Owner-operators planning long-term should get a 2010 or later model-year
    engine, McClusky says. Those engines push CARB compliance deadlines out
    as far as they go, and operators gain the benefit of fuel-saving

    My only advice for you Mr. McClusky is go slow and be careful, you wouldn’t want to rip your ears off when you finally pull your head out of your ass.

    That’s the biggest problems with new trucks! They burn more fuel!!! How are you saving the environment when you burn more fossil fuel? You need fuel to burn off what’s in the DPF which then gets sent out the stacks anyway, plus for over dimensional loads the trucks burn more fuel than they’re predecessors because the power just isn’t there no matter what the factory specs say. All this EPA BS has restricted the motor making it work harder to do the job.

    What I want to know is when are all these “regulations” going to apply to rail, marine and construction equipment? Also if California is in as bad of financial shape as the rest of the country how much more burden are you putting on the taxpayers to retrofit or buy new state, municipal and county owned epuipment?

    And one more thing. Why aren’t these rules for diesel engines being applied to pickup trucks and cars? You do it for one you do it for all!

  • Name

    are you jealous of my a model because it looks better runs better and gets better millage oh ya im american and have never had a wrech probly been driving longer than you have been around so go learn to back up and shut up

  • Godfearingrebel

    I think you got it wrong. Ive seen those illegals take an almost brand new truck and turn it into high speed death trap. I think your wrong about age of trucks corolating with pollution and unreliabillity. I am driving a restored 1985 359 peterbilt that i put a n14 celect plus red top and 18 speed overdrive in. I usually weigh 65,000-80,000 and can average 7.5 with my best 1100 mile trip at 8.2. This is with the areodynamics of a brick. Lower speeds, quality driving and right gearing is what works. Please tell me why i would scrap this truck. Trade for a newer one with proven unreliability? Im in this buisness to make money. Info flash- rate cutters usually drive new trucks. ie- big company. I hate to say it but i do agree with you on deportation. These aliens are dangerous. Both to our pocketbooks and our friends and familys on the road.

  • A

    Racist much? Why does it matter what year the truck is if it’s maintained properly? I’ve got 4 trucks, a 2008 Pete and 3 pre-2000 trucks. Two of our older trucks have already been retrofitted with filters.They all pass CHP inspections, only difference being that our newer truck gets the worst gas mileage out of the bunch and has the most problems. Also, all of my drivers speak Spanish AS WELL AS English…if you hear so much Spanish maybe you should try to learn some of it so you can be a bit more cultured.

  • dan

    why do you people keep running out o f cali.the rates dont justify hauling out of there.when you quit hauling their freight they will have to eventually have to change their tune.i quit hauling out of there over 10 years ago.it isnt worth it.i will just keep driving my 2007 w-900 till i retire in another 7 years.

  • Thomas Duncan

    Work your whole ##!@#!$#$^$ life to get to a top of the line truck and get out of debt.Finally get there and have to dive deep in debt again for the sake of bullcrap studies and reports that mean nothing.Tyranny anyone?

  • Joe Bushong

    F&%K California. Me and my monster truck dont go there anymore

  • Ken Nilsen

    They are being applied to cars and trucks, if you haven’t looked lately they all use DEF if they are 2010 or newer models. In CA if you use a pickup for even one commercial use, then it also falls under the rules.

  • Ken Nilsen

    It also applies to some non-highway equipment, not all but some.

  • Joe Bushong

    2004 379 pete with 700 hp on the ground. I will never go back to cali. To you idiots who said a 2004 truck is a pos with a mexican driving it, I will out pull you anyday anywhere anytime

  • J Mock

    I have a 2006 387 Pete with a C15 Cat 18 speed with 3.36 rears. My IFTA average is 7. plus with an open deck trailer. It has 785K miles and uses NO oil and doesn’t smoke at all! Why do I need a DPF because CARB said I do?….I don’t think so! Screw those tree hugging AHOLES!!

  • Mark French

    I live in CA, after Jan 1st I can no longer go home, or drive home! I can not afford to upgrade my truck with the dpf filter. I only run in CA to get home and leave again to run where the freight pays! My plan is to run the other 47 states and just fly home for my time off! The cost of the filter is ridiculous and a ripoff, I am sure the state is getting their kick back for this cost! It would not pay to upgrade because the rate out of CA is too low to justify the cost of this filter! Just another example of what is wrong with the Government of Comyfornia!

  • Mark French

    The large companies are already compliant so no worries! They have already cut the rates, so low that small business can barely compete, Who cares about the Owner Operators?

  • grizzly6

    I have bought 2 new Peterbilts in the past . I think it is time for another new one so today I told them to order it . Things are picking up a little bit here around Sacramento-Stockton . With less trucks working in Ca will benefit me because I will be compliant and my rates are going up due to the truck shortage that is heading are way. I have worked too hard to get where I am now with 2 houses a shop and 6 acres . no way will I let this go. I have friends with the new stuff and they don’t seem to have any trouble. Besides I make too much right now and I need more write off .

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  • Daniel Kupke

    I have a 86 359 Pete with a 100 inch sleeper that I’ve owned n used since 89 !!! I’m not spanish n I don’t hit anyone or run afterwards !! N yes I did go to Cal a lot n currently live in Vegas !!! N it DAM SURE AIN’T A JUNK TRUCK !!

  • Dave

    So if I have an old diesel VW Rabbit let’s say, because it’s deemed as personal use I can let the black smoke pour out of it? As I said though, you do it for one you do it for all.

    So glad I only have 20 months till my truck is paid, cause if others adopt this ass-backwards line of thinking I can park and move on.

  • Slaves

    Sure..they want YOU to come to work at the Big Boy company…mega Fleet….and be an obediant slave…they only have illegal aliens to choose from for drivers…and students that are worthless…so they drive YOU out of buisness and get you to be their slave.

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  • TruckerJohn

    The filter kills efficiency too. I’m in a 2013 & it gets 4.3-5mpg @400hp. I don’t see where the 2010 trucks get any better mileage as the article indicates.

  • g

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  • PowerHouse Scott

    Go to you local truck dealers and look at what kind of trucks are in the shops getting engine overhauls before 500,000. 2008 and newer DPF trucks that is what. This is a fiasco, when I lived in CA years ago they were idiots about cars back then. I used to tag my vehicles in Kansas with a address there. We have not ran CA in years, as a matter of fact we pretty much gave up the whole west of our country. We also gave up NY and above as well. Why? These are all the states that want to implement the CARB and they don’t pay crap anyways so why go there. In the next few years when they get the LPG trucks worked out we may buy some of those if they can prove that they can stay out of the shop. If government wants to force you to buy certain equipment (EOBR, Tracking, Newer Tractors, Newer Trailers with the BS air wings) then they should have to buy them for us. By the way while they are at it pay my company $1000.00 per week for each of these fancy new pieces of equipment, pay the drivers $1000.00 per week for driving the equipment. We will be happy to drive 500 miles a week for that kind of money. If the lawmakers don’t want to do that then they need to shup up and quit making laws that they themselves could not abide by. Last time I checked the State of CA can’t even manage their own business, neither can the FEDS so what make me think they can help me manage mine. We will let them take our rigs and pay us welfare before we start to drive for free. I would rather make $12.00 an hour with benefits sitting on my butt at home on welfare then be a prisoner in the truck for nothing. Even if they tried to put a gun to my head I would tell them to pull the trigger. I was born free and will die free. How about this instead of a Trucker Strike which will never happen. Let’s try a Trucker slow down, it only takes 15 trucks in a big city legally slowing down together to impact the logistics across the country. Imagine if we got 15 of us to do this at various times and places. Nobody especially O/O could not afford that cost. If you can’t then you need to get out all the way.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    To let you know I am a Tradesman that also owns the company. You can ask any company operator or owner operator that is contracted with me. As a matter of fact from time to time I go back on the road and drive the truck while my driver watches and gets paid. So not all of us that have an education lack an understanding of the trade. Oh yeah Mr. I am proud to be a Trucker. Who would negotiate the freight that you haul if there were not individuals like me that own the trucks. How many trucks do you own? Mexicans stealing your work is not the problem. Don’t fault them for wanting to support their family just like you. I believe they should have to do it legal though. I can’t tell you how many times the white’s and black’s would not show up to work on Monday with my Construction Company, (which we were Union) so I had to start hiring legal Mexican help and helped them join the Union and all of the sudden our houses started getting built the correct way and more efficient. We have no Mexican Drivers currently, but if an American Driver that happened to be Mexican came and wanted a driving job tomorrow and I had a truck for him I would put him to work immediately. Sorry guys but that is the owner of a company telling you what he sees. Our drivers are all on percentage and therefore are our partners. We care not what race you are as long as you are legal, competent, and can perform the job. Most of you drivers out could not even make the grade at our company because you have to be the cream of crop to be here. So to all you steering wheel wanna be truckers. Piss Off

  • PowerHouse Scott

    And before anybody accuses me of being racist or sympathetic towards Mexican’s or anybody else. I am first and foremost an American, as a matter of fact Native American.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    Let me know how the new stuff works for you, my friend is averaging 7.4 to 8.4 mpg. We are waiting until he hits 500,000 before we make the decision to buy new.

  • PowerHouse Scott

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  • PowerHouse Scott

    Here is my attitude about the illegal individuals working in this country.

    One make them legal so they to have to pay taxes, or send them home.

    Don’t think I have forgotten how much most of these other nations hate and despise us. I have been spit on by Hispanics, Africans, Arabs, and Slavs. Just because they hated me for doing my job, invading their country. If somebody was successfully invading this country, like the illegal aliens, then I understand why everybody wants to spit on them as well. But most of these immigrants paid a huge cost to get here only to be made slaves or prisoners. Right now there are more Hispanic’s going back home then are coming here. Also remember as with immigrant groups from the past somebody was always accusing them of taking their jobs. The jobs that most of them did not want to do in the first place. I don’t like the unfair advantage that Mexican companies have over American ones. The radius has been expanded, thanks to NAFTA. I am sure the Canadian drivers don’t like the unfair advantage that American drivers have in their country as well. I did not write the laws so therefore my job as a Trucker, Owner, and American is to keep fighting for my keep, and if the illegal immigrants beat me then I will be like 48% of the lazy pukes in this country and go sign up for my welfare. If we can’t provide for our families with dignity then we might as well join the other sheeple in this country. Remember I do not have any illegals working for me. I believe this is the third time I have stated this.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    I did not cheat anybody, I married up, an English Teacher. lol.

    I started out a poor boy in the hood in downtown Kansas City. I decided to work my but off and get out of the hood. I managed my money, went to school thanks to the US Army (which means I paid for it with sweat and blood). So think what you want about this heinz 57 from the hood but I own my trucks, trailers, house, cars, and most importantly myself.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    I was born here in the 60’s so you can get off that garbage can.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    Come on over to the Midwest. That is an awesome Rig. If Nevada goes like California then you are welcome over here with that fine piece of machinery. They will have a hard time getting the farmers to buy off on the new style rigs. The ones that have tried them are in and out of the shop.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    That would be like you saying no to driving a 1968 Ferrari, Vette, Mustang. You still have not answered my question earlier. How many trucks do you own? I am assuming you are a company steering wheel holder. Probably you are one of those that Nose Park in the truck-stops because you can’t back. Or are you the guy that parks along the curb? Do you through your bottles on the ground full so the real truckers crush them with a real truck? What do you drive one of those new bald head trucks that they are saying gets better fuel mileage without the visor? Do you like the new wind sails under the trailers that about blow you off the road when the side wind hits you? Those things don’t work we tested them and had them removed. Our fuel mileage actually went down here in the Midwest. Do you know how to run a log book or do you just push a little button telling your big bad company when you are ready to work? The reason I got my own authority was to be free. The men that work with me are all ex-owner operators or owner operators currently. So to all of you haters that think because I have my own business that I steal from those that work with me. You are so wrong, I started my company to help other Truckers that had been taken advantage of and give them the opportunity to make more and do less. If me making 10% – 15% is stealing then I guess I am guilty. The Independents like myself have grown tired of those of you inconsiderate steering wheel holders our there. We don’t drive old pieces of crap. We drive classics.

  • PowerHouse Scott

    Don’t scrap it just find the right fuel additive to keep up that MPG. Good job keeping that classic running. We are going to restore my Dad’s 92.

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