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Livestock haulers granted exemption to hours rule’s break requirement

ivestock trailerDrivers carrying livestock will soon be exempt from the 30-minute break rule required by federal hours-of-service rules, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced June 6.

The exemption will last a year and will begin on the date of publication in the Federal Register, expected soon.

The exemption is “to ensure the well-being of the nation’s livestock during interstate transportation,” according to FMCSA’s notice.

The exemption builds on the 90-day waiver granted to livestock haulers last summer, after the National Pork Producers Council petitioned FMCSA.

NPPC said complying with the break provisions of the 2013 HOS rule — which requires drivers to take a 30-minute break from driving within the first eight hours on-duty — could place the health of the animals being hauled at risk, especially in hot conditions.

FMCSA estimates there are about 250,000 drivers in the U.S. who haul livestock.

The beginning and end dates of the exemption will be published when they become available.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    By their own logic, now all livestock haulers are less safe and drive more tired than all other CV operators forced to take the mandatory FMCSA Half Hour Nanny State Nappy Time Break.

    Why does the FMCSA force me to drive on the same road as these tired, dangerous livestock drivers?

    Seeing how they will now be less rested and less alert than all other commercial drivers, will llivestock haulers have to carry more insurance?

    After all, according to the FMCSA’s own logic they are now allowed to operate in a manner deemed unsafe for all others drivers, a manner in which I can be legally cited and fined over.

    Total Pile Of BULLSHIT.

    These rules have *zero* to do with safety, *zero*.

  • Terry F Randall

    Review your facts before calling livestock haulers dangerous. . Fact livestock haulers crash statistics is less than 1% of all truck related crashes unlike van reefer flatbed and tanker haulers. My opinion is your just jealous cuz livestock haulers are still outlaw old school type drivers and you can’t run with them.

  • martymarsh

    This proves if you can give anyone an exemption then it is not needed.

  • martymarsh

    I think he is referring to what they will become in the eyes of the government if they give them the exemption, in other words he is being sarcastic, I think.

  • Silver dollar

    Seriously?! Livestock drivers are among the safest out there!!! Most of our hauling is done during the night, when all of you 9-5 drivers are sleeping anyway! If there is anything to complain about , it is the fact that “freight haulers” end up at all truck stops and rest areas at the same time due to the stupid laws and make it nearly impossible for anyone to lay down when they feel they need to! We have been almost ran over so many times by NON cow trucks I can’t even count, let alone 98% of wreck we see are also NON cow trucks! Go figure!!!! We are NOT outlaws!!! We just do it better than you

  • Tammy

    He was being sarcastic the purpose of the rule was to make all drivers safe since you are all in kindergarten and don’t know when to rest, as Sheldon Cooper on the big bang would say that is sarcasm right!! Quit taking it personally you bull rack drivers I live in the Midwest and I lost track how many of you have passed me going over 70 mph and you are empty that is safe?

  • Kenny Price

    most livstock haulers are more curtious then most of the two week schooled texting while driving Freight haulers that shouldn’t be driving anyway now thats safe. You mean to tell me freight hauler is sleeping on Their 30 minute breaks if you think so your full of shit. Becuase they usefully blocking fuel island somewhere while their inside eating make their ass fatter pull up your big ass panties and deal with it. The real truck drivers of freight haulers are the old timers.

  • j bird

    We are Careful and take pride in what we do I’m 4th generation grew up on a farm and pulled cattle since I was 16 with a farm license I love it wouldn’t want to do anything different best part is we act like a big family still not like what trucking in general has become there are some sleepless nights and some choose to call us outlaw truckers but we now what we can do and get it done safely

  • norman ott

    Been hauling livestock 38 years ,the best trucking and people there are.

  • Mark French

    We are now worried about the safety of livestock which are on their way to the slaughter house to be killed? The 30 minute break was so important for the safety of the public! Right!

  • Mark French

    Common sense would tell you that in any case there would be less “cow truck” wrecks because there are far fewer “cow trucks” than freight trucks.

  • Brian Pruitt

    we being live haul drivers are the best of the best in our busness we are trusted with the food supply before it is the food supply we are part farmer part vet and all truck driver to stop for 30 mins in 100deg heat is death to the vet part of our nature as we are live haul drivers death is not our busness swift drivers need not apply

  • Brian Pruitt

    mr French u are another dumb ass swift driver u know nothing about the live haul industry we haul the calves to the feed lot to get fat we haul the bread cows to the farm to make the calves we haul the bull to bread the cows many hauls to haul long before the kill

  • Brian Pruitt

    furthermore mr reidy we good live haul drivers have been known to stop hourly and check our stock to see if and are down getting stomped by other animals if so we get them on their feet doctor them if needed we have helped a cow give new life on the side of the road even if the new life becomes the main corse meal two years lator at the local steak house so we take a 5 min break each hour stretch our legs wake up check our load and move on are u just mad cause u cant make the cut

  • Brian Pruitt

    well as I have tried to say we check our loads each hour it takes 5 min to get out walk around the truck and look at the LIVE critters we haul 5×8 is 40 that is why we pass ya running 80 we on avg take 10 min longer than u are there any 5 min marks on ur swift e logs their only 15 min marks on mine paper logs so its hard to log 8 5 min breaks so the dot cant give us a ticket for log book violation we get a break I feel like in teaching swift how to haul cows

  • martymarsh

    I totally understand how it really works, I’ve been around the block a couple of times, but that changes nothing. A few weeks back ATA was asking for an exemption for guys sitting and waiting at drilling rigs. We have a bad winter and everyone runs out of salt then we throw the laws out the window for that. This is jumping industry to industry, someone should wake up.

  • norman ott

    livestock has to keep moving or they will come down with shipping fever

  • Mark French

    No but my point was. If the 30 min break was for the safety of the public? Now we are placing the safety of cows, above the safety of the public? Just saying that the 30 min break has no impact on safety!

  • greasy

    Not to mention how much you smell like a amishmen. You livestock haulers can haul all the cows you want . I been around animals all my 18 yrs of growing up on a amish farm and you act like your some special trucker . You aint nothing but a stupid old animal hauler that dont know how to do anything else. You pry stop and make love with the cows when there laying down dont you.

  • gazman

    Yeah and most cattle guys are frustrated queers that think they won’t get to a pickle park fast enough to smoke a cock.

  • lastgoodusername

    Are you people really that stupid. The guy was commenting on the stupid rules, not the drivers. Bullhaulers smell like cows, i flatbed and i smell like a wet dog. Is that what this is about? No wonder we are in the fix we are in.

  • Dragleg

    The rules we all run under have 0 to do with safety. Think about it. Most cow haulers I know can drive circles around theses newly trained Truck School graduates. The 1’s that think they drive Race Trucks and the Truckstop is their Racetrack. Please!!!

  • jim stewart

    Yeah well we haul seasonal “stinging livestock”…. Hope this ruling approves our current outlaw no stop policy. With a load of live bees on board a daytime break is out of the question unless GOD forbid a breakdown. Hell no one wants us around for thirty minutes anyway!

  • Kyle Petersen

    Mr French, glad your looking out for the public but, if there are so few of us bull racks rolling the danger to the public does not really exist. I guess the public protection needs to be from those who haul freight-n-stuff.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    Someone gets it.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    You totally missed the point I was trying to make, instead of thinking you take it as an insuIt and respond in a childish manner.

    Also, I was permitted in NY, OH, and IN for 112.5″ long and 127,400 lbs, and did that every day of the week.

    Tell me again about not cutting it, pulling a bull rack is a picnic compared to what I used to do.

  • Brian Pruitt

    I am permitted in currently in 11 mid western states 7 axles 145,000 gvw I haul feeders by the ton price I take your comments as an insult because any time we get a break the freight haulers cry

  • Brian Pruitt

    10-4 on the shipping fever driver I still drive a cabover too I just quit putting picts on line too many card carring maggots I argue with on line can spot me out there in the world

  • Brian Pruitt

    well where I went to school it was the amish men and boys doing all the cow pokeing and I have hauled powder and oversize for tri state outta Joplin in the 90s started dump trucking local when I was 16 long before CDL laws and I have built every truck I have ever owned & drove from wrecks and new parts so yea I am a special trucker thanks for pointing that out

  • Dave Nichols

    your crash rates are higher than industry stds alrady. it should be .05% so about double the std.
    based on what percentage of total class 8 trks innservice

  • Brian Pruitt

    well my point was 5×8 is 40 cause I stop hourly and check my lives I am intrusted with you should read all my posts

  • Brian Pruitt

    yes we are I take a lot of pride in what I do im 4 th gen too we show it with our nice trucks and shinnie wagons that’s what makes the card carrin maggots hate us and whine if we get a break from a stupid rule that was dreamed up by dummies that don’t understand trucking

  • Brian Pruitt

    well I have burned through 4 grand in tire chains this winter because state of co can make me put them on then when I get to wy port of ente I get to piss in a cup just because I was in state of co

  • martymarsh

    As it has been said before, everything is about nothing more than the dollar.

  • josh

    He wasnt “looking out for” the public. .. his point was that this rule was made for “safety” reasons… if the rule makes it so much safer then why are they giving exemptions? Yeah.. u stop and check your cows.. I stop and check my chaind and straps… flatbedders dont get an exemption. .. freight haulers sit and wait in dock doors for hours at a time… they dont get an exemption… but oil field trucks do because they have to wait in an oil field.. 90% of the time in a daycab?

  • Ray

    Man some of you might be good drivers but when it comes to reading and understanding logic and sarcasm, you suck. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.