Load securement: Minding your CSA score

| February 25, 2013
Drivers at Maverick must go through load securement classes during a week of hands-on training and exercises.

Drivers at Maverick must go through load securement classes during a week of hands-on training and exercises.

Though tailored for an audience of fleet managers and executives, Overdrive‘s and sister site CCJ‘s Equipment Editor Jack Roberts has an article on CCJ discussing cargo securement for flatbed operations, how it impacts Compliance, Safety, Accountability scores and what carriers and drivers can do to keep from getting dinged for load securement violations.

Cargo securement until December essentially had its own CSA BASIC (Behavioral Analysis and Safety Improvement Category), called the Cargo-Related BASIC. That, however, has since gone away in lieu of the Hazmat BASIC, and load securement violations now go into the Vehicle Maintenance BASIC. Moreover, load securement violations have a lower severity weighting than before.

However, cargo securement violations are still nothing to sneeze at in terms of CSA scoring, and as Roberts’ piece notes, flatbed operations receive the most attention.

Click here to see Roberts’ piece, which goes in-depth on cargo securement violations and their relation to CSA. 

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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1269137418 Mike Jones

    Yea they SHOULD…Im seeing moreNEW GUYS drop their load out on the Interstate these days…The OLD guys..back in the day..seemed VERY good at flatbedding…now the industry is TRYING to replace TOP HANDS who have LEFT trucking behind…as anyone with a functioning brain Should do….now replacing those guys aint going to be no easy chore….Expect to see Lots of freight flying off those Flatbeds….Those old guys could SECURE that load AND they could REALLY drive….now today you will NOT find many guys like them…Guaranteed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/william.mckelvie William McKelvie

    FMCSA just kicked the Alabama coil certification law to the curb. Yeah they are all about safety ……….. NOT.

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