Overdrive Staff | April 03, 2011

In that rule, the agency is to consider correlations between detention time and HOS violations and establish procedures for reporting violations, including the use of electronic onboard recorder data.

Wait time costs are “largely born by truckers,” the report said. About 4 percent of drivers said they misrepresented hours in their log books and kept multiple log books to disguise hours violations due to detention time.

Some carrier officials said not all carriers collect, even if fees are in the contract, for fear of alienating customers. Also, shippers and carriers sometimes disagree on the amount of time, which complicates collections.

— Jill Dunn

Stronger underride guard rules sought

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has asked federal officials to require greater rear impact protection for commercial trailers.

On Feb. 28, the group of insurance companies and associations petitioned the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to upgrade Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for underride guards, which are meant to prevent a car sliding under a truck or trailer in a crash.

The institute wants the agency to require underride guards strong enough to remain in place during a crash and to mandate guards for more large trucks and trailers than currently stipulated.

The institute released crash tests that indicated underride guards on tractor-trailers can fail in relatively low-speed crashes. It analyzed the Large Truck Crash Causation Study, a federal database of about 1,000 crashes in 2001-2003. Underride, was a common outcome of the 115 crashes involving a four-wheeler striking the back of a truck or semi-trailer.

— Jill Dunn


ARKANSAS. A bridge on U.S. Highway 63 over the Black River Bridge in northeast Arkansas has been restricted to 66,000 pounds. The bridge is due for replacement, which will begin in 2013.

CALIFORNIA. Since April 1, owners of 2003 model year reefers face new emissions standards. All model year 2003 refrigerated engines must comply with new emission control standards under the state’s Air Resources Board’s Transportation Refrigeration Unit regulation.

KANSAS. The state is developing the Kansas Truck Routing and Intelligent Permitting System. The web-based software routing system, which will be ready in about two years, is intended to streamline the permit process for trucking companies hauling oversize and overweight loads. Being developed in conjunction with ProMiles software, the system will automatically generate and evaluate alternate routes for large loads.           

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