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The agency said the trucks are equipped with Bendix ATR-6 antilock traction relay valves that may leak fluid in temperatures below zero degrees and result in continuous brake application.

The recall includes Kenworth models T660, T700, T800 and W900 and Peterbilt models 384, 386, 387, 389 and 587. Paccar will provide a free temporary repair until Bendix delivers a permanent remedy.

Navistar said it had delayed International truck production until a permanent fix is available, and the company predicted the valve problem will contribute to a loss for the quarter that ended Jan. 31.

After postponing deliveries of vehicles affected by the Bendix part defect in January, Volvo began using another valve to continue building trucks at its Virginia plant. Volvo is working with customers to repair trucks already on the road.

Bendix notified NHTSA of the defect in January after receiving customer complaints about brake issues. The company said a permanent fix was forthcoming. Bendix estimated the part problem affected up to 60,000 vehicles.

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U.S. CARGO THEFT incidents reported last year increased 8.8 percent from the year before, FreightWatch International said. The firm said 974 cargo theft incidents were recorded last year, with an average value of $319,000 per incident. Many other thefts aren’t reported. The top four states for cargo theft were California, Florida, New Jersey and Texas.



Shell describes new oil category

Development is under way on creating new heavy-duty engine oils to be ready by January 2016 that will be used in new truck engines.

A new oil category dubbed PC-11, or Proposed Category 11, will be developed to help engine manufacturers meet federal standards for 2014-2018 model year trucks, said Dan Arcy, global OEM technical manager for Shell Oil Solutions. The new category will cover improved fuel economy and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Arcy is leading a team of oil industry technicians who will specify tests and standards for the category requested by the Engine Manufacturers Association.

PC-11, the first new category since CJ-4 was introduced in 2006, may include two subcategories, or separate oils, said Arcy. One will preserve heavier oil common in the industry now. The other will be a thinner oil better adapted to enhancing fuel economy while preserving durability.

Oil industry technicians will spend the next four years specifying standards to be ready for licensing by January 2016. Tests for the new oils will make sure they are durable and resist engine breakdown, while increasing fuel efficiency. But the lighter viscosity oil designed for fuel economy may not be compatible with older engines, Arcy said.

— Max Kvidera




SURFACE TRANSPORTATION TRADE between the United States and Canada in November rose 12.2 percent from a year ago to $44.3 billion, said the U.S. Department of Transportation. U.S.-Mexico trade gained 13.3 percent to $32.4 billion.

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  • E. F. McHenry

    The proposed EOBR rule is a absolute SCAM! To say they make drivers compliant is a bold face LIE. The HOS rules will always rely on the integrity of the driver and thus are unenforceable as of current date. Period. So long as a driver is free to imput false values for line 1 2 and line 4 of a EOBR, line 3 can never be known for certain to be accurate. This is because line 3 requires the other lines of a EOBR log to be accurate. For example take line 4 if a driver falsifies line 4 by show off-duty when the driver should really be on-duty not driving, the driver has just helped himself to hours to be spent in line 3 that he or she would not have been eligible to have for driving if he or she had been honest and rightfully spend hrs in line 4. Remember line 3 and line 4 both draw hrs from the original 70. I’m sorry but Big Business is trying to pull off one of the biggest public relation scams in the history of trucking!!!!!

  • Daryl Wirth

    I enjoy my e log

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