Overdrive Staff | April 01, 2012

KENTUCKY. This spring, PrePass will assume operation of the 12 mainline pre-clearance inspection sites in Kentucky and install electronic truck weigh-in-motion technology. Separately, Interstate 69 along the former Western Kentucky Parkway is getting new signage as part of an upgrade of the roadway. Later this year, additional work will be scheduled, including extending merge lanes at interchanges, raising overpasses and replacing bridge overpasses.

NEW YORK. Truckers gathered in Albany in March to urge Gov. Andrew Cuomo to reopen closed rest stops. In 2010 the state closed six rest areas to save money.

SOUTH CAROLINA. The Department of Public Safety opened a weigh station on I-95 in St. George featuring weigh-in-motion technology. The station uses a reader that records license plate information that can be run against state and federal databases to check truck compliance with federal safety regulations. Cameras also snap an image of each truck passing through the weigh-in-motion facility.

SOUTH DAKOTA. The state is implementing fees to finance an electronic system to run the state’s IFTA program. The state will charge a $10 license fee and a $10 renewal fee for carriers licensing under the International Fuel Tax Agreement. The fees will begin July 1. Administrative money covers the current program. Decals will cost $1.50, up from 50 cents, and $1 will be charged to mail the decals.

VIRGINIA. The commonwealth recently installed automated license plate readers that check trucks crossing the scales at Carson, Stephens City and Dumfries weigh stations for compliance with federal and state regulations, including outstanding taxes or penalties. If a truck is flagged by the system, the driver is asked to pull into the weigh station to correct any compliance issues.

WASHINGTON. Gov. Chris Gregoire is expected to sign a bill that would enable law enforcement to confiscate truck and tractor license plates of carriers that operate with a revoked, suspended or canceled registration. Law enforcement would recycle or destroy plates on all vehicles in the identified fleet.

WEST VIRGINIA. A bill would extend temperature exemptions for idling trucks. Trucks are limited to no more than 15 minutes of idling per hour unless temperatures are lower than 40 degrees or higher than 75 degrees. The bill would extend the sunset provision for the exemption to May 1, 2017, from the current May 1. Operators idling their trucks are exempt from the regulation while sleeping or resting.



Paramount rated top carrier for owner-operators

Paramount Freight Systems of Ft. Myers, Fla., was named, for the second year in a row, Best Fleet for Owner-Operators in a contest managed by the Truckload Carriers Association and CarriersEdge.

Motor Carrier Service Inc. of Northwood, Ohio, was selected as the Best Fleet for Company Drivers.

All-owner-operator Paramount maintains a committee of drivers who provide input on policies and procedures. It also uses a “buddy program” to pair experienced contractors with those just starting out. Both programs are somewhat unusual for an owner-operator fleet.

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