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MADSEN: With more value-added services on trucks, driver value declines

| June 23, 2012

If you missed this post to Phil Madsen’s Learning Something New Every Day blog, from earlier in the month, give it a gander soon as you can. It’s a must-read for the quality of analysis it gives to the expediting owner-operator’s first experience with software that can, with an operator’s permission, track his cell phone in lieu of utilizing an expensive on-board load tracker.

Madsen — rightly, in this case, we think — refused to cooperate, but that’s not the end of it. Here’s the somewhat forbidding conclusion:

Name any truck or truck-communications technology today  — from air-conditioning to cell phones to lane departure systems to the internet. For many of them you can describe how they are reducing operating margins for owner-operators, increasing the costs of operating a truck, and reducing the need for and value of professional owner-operators.

Truck driving is a job such that the smarter a truck becomes (technology), the less skilled, responsible and compensated a driver has to be.

Now go check out how he gets there.

Big-Bore Engines Making Big Comeback. Don’t Compromise.

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