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Carolyn Magner

This tasty, healthy treat is easy to make

Popcorn ingredients

These ingredients are all you need for delicious homemade popcorn.

 Somehow a simple, whole-grain nutritious snack got hijacked by Big Grocery and turned into an expensive, sodium- and sugar-loaded gourmet product.

If you think you are getting some special microwave magic by purchasing fancy prepackaged popcorn, think again.

This chart shows the huge difference in ingredients:

AMC movie theater buttered popcorn 770 20 grams 49 grams
Microwaved in a bag 31 0.4 grams 6.2 grams

You can toss pennies’ worth of plain popcorn into a bag, microwave it, add a little seasoning and you’ve got an inexpensive, healthy, tasty treat. Nothing corny about that! The 30-second Trucker Tip below shows you how to make this healthy snack:

[youtube glbitOu_jm4 nolink]

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