Overdrive Staff | August 01, 2010

Wide-base trailer radial

The Greatec R125 wide-base trailer radial lessens rolling resistance and increases payload, the company says. The tire has sidewall ribs to protect its casing, and its design promotes even rib wear. Stress-relief sipes increase tire life. It uses a stone-rejecting platform to prevent trapped stones from pushing into the tread grooves and piercing the belt layer, the company says. The tire is approved for use on SmartWay-certified equipment.


(615) 937-1000

Suspension seat

The 1110 Low Profile Suspension seat has Elastomeric Vibration Control, which can dampen low amplitude vibration by up to 50 percent, the company says. The seat has an 8-in. seat index point for turf and industrial use. The seat is built with a steel tube frame and meets or exceeds SAE, FMVSS and OSHA regulations, the company says. Sewn covers can be personalized with different fabrics, colors, thread colors and stitch patterns. The 1110 has a 1.5-in. integrated suspension motion and fore-aft adjustment.


(800) 443-0615

Cargo tracking system

The covert freight tracking service is available to owner-operators hauling high-value freight and sensitive loads. The system uses small, hidden devices and GPS technology to show a constant, in-transit view of a load. The Geo F1, whose magnetic case is shown, and Geo F2 location devices are small enough to be hidden inside freight pallets or beneath the trailer, the company says. The system can track single pallets or full trailer loads.


Air management

An air management package includes an air injection booster, an electronic air control dryer and a turbo-clutch air compressor, all designed to reduce fuel consumption and improve emissions, the company says. The system injects air from an auxiliary tank directly into the engine’s air intake system.


(800) 247-2725,


Ice grip

The epoxy-based coating helps prevent chunks of ice from sliding off the trailer. The product must be mixed, poured and rolled onto the roof of the trailer.

RANDOLPH PRODUCTS CO.,, (413) 592-4191,

Hydraulic heavy hauler

The hydraulic removable gooseneck trailer is available in capacities ranging from 30 to 60 tons, with air ride and spring suspensions optional. Manufactured from high strength steel, it has four cambered, fabricated main frame beams for strength and durability.

KAUFMAN TRAILERS,, (336) 790-6880

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