Overdrive Staff | June 02, 2011


Cup holder

The Cup Keeper Adapter fits into the existing cup holder opening and accommodates any size mug, cup or bottle.



Voltage sensing relay and timer

The FlexMod Voltage Sensing Relay & Timer conserves battery starting power by shutting off auxiliary loads when starting voltage drops to a low level or a pre-set timer expires. The 4- by 3- by 1-in. system alerts the operator when starting voltage is low and cuts off non-essential loads such as air conditioning and exterior lighting to conserve starting power.


Backlit logo displays

The backlit logo displays are designed for each customer’s logo and increase a trailer’s night visibility. The customized Logolight features solid aluminum brackets and frames, aluminum composite letters, 80,000-hour LEDs and stainless steel-mounting hardware. Installation kit is included.




Fifth wheel grease

UltraLube 5th Wheel Trailer Grease provides protection against friction and corrosion in extreme weather and heavy-duty operating conditions. The grease is packaged in a 2 oz. mash pack to help drivers and service technicians control the amount of grease applied to the fifth wheel.


Severe service clutch

The New Lipe Clutch, a 15.5-in. cast iron direct pressure clutch, has a torque rating of 2,400 pounds and is made for severe service applications and for high-horsepower, high-torque engines.

Setco Automotive,

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