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Overdrive Staff | May 01, 2012

The Detroit is a 12-speed direct or overdrive automated transmission. It employs a traditional clutch-actuated manual gearbox with high-speed computer-controlled shift and clutch actuators that automatically select shifts for optimal fuel economy and power. Additional features include the Hill-Start Aid option to prevent rollback standing still on a hill; enhanced cruise control and improved dash display; shift lever with gear, auto/manual mode and brake selection; improved in-cab ergonomics; and driver selectable shift modes for performance or economy.




Mack integrated powertrain

Mack’s new Super Econodyne powertrain package integrates the company’s C125 overdrive rear axles, MP8 engine and mDrive transmission. The system is designed to down-speed the engine by about 200 rpm at highway speeds. At 65 mph, the engine will cruise at 1,160 rpm.

Also introduced was the Pedigree Powertrain label, which describes a powertrain that includes a Mack engine, transmission and rear axles. Trucks that feature a Pedigree Powertrain will sport a gold bulldog hood ornament.




Great Dane Trailers fight corrosion

Great Dane Trailers’ new lines of dry vans, reefers and flatbed trailers feature updates aimed at fighting corrosion from new road chemicals used in cold weather.

Now standard on its dry vans are EnduroGuard rear frames with redesigned aluminum bottom rails fastened with aluminum rivets on I-beam cross-members. Galvanized steel roof bows, composite swing-type rear doors with dual-seal gaskets, galvanized steel skins and a polymer core complete the frames. The company’s reefers offer similar rear frame upgrades.

All of the company’s trailers, including the Champion dry van line, Freedom flatbed line and Everest line of reefers, also come equipped with Stemco Platinum Performance Plus wheel end systems with a 6-year warranty and Grote Micro Nova LED lamps. New optional equipment is available, including Alcoa aluminum wheels, a lightweight package and corrosion-fighting undercarriage upgrades.

Great Dane Trailers,



Michelin drive tire, wide-single retread

The SmartWay-verified Michelin X Multi Energy D drive tire delivers enhanced fuel efficiency, optimized traction and long tread life, the company says. It’s designed for regional and the emerging super-regional applications.

The all-weather drive tread design now available in the X One XDN2 Pre-Mold retread delivers weight savings and fuel economy to operators who also want the traction of a lug-style tread. The tread is only available on Michelin X One casings. The tire also qualifies for the Michelin on Michelin Guarantee, which pledges 30 percent more mileage than competitor retreads and a second X One trailer retread on a Michelin casing.




FUELite Tandem Axle

Meritor Inc.’s FUELite tandem axle is the first member of the company’s SoloDrive Series of 6-by-2 tandem rear axles. Based on the Meritor 160 series drive, the FUELite axle is designed to deliver nearly 400 pounds in weight savings and a 2 percent increase in fuel efficiency when compared to a traditional 6-by-4 configuration, the company says.

Features and benefits include Meritor’s 160 DualTrac housing, which allows for the option of running either wide single tires or duals, a 2.50 to 4.10 ratio range available to match the application and a 12.7-millimeter-wall housing compatible with all current 40,000-pound tandem air suspensions.




Utility double-deck loading system

Utility Trailer Manufacturing’s new optional double-deck loading system for dry vans is designed for maximizing trailer cube space and increasing overall freight capacity. It can support up to 500 pounds per square foot with a 26,000-pound total rating.

It utilizes a system of tracks and beams to create a second deck to increase freight capacity without exceeding allowable weight limits. It provides different configurations for freight of different shapes and sizes. The K2 Kaptive Beam System manufactured by Kinedyne Corp. underpins the system, made of aluminum and engineered to add minimum weight without compromising durability or deck strength. A spring-loaded mechanism automatically locks to the beam, securing it to the track slots.

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