Marketplace — Spring Roundup

Overdrive Staff | May 01, 2011

The Shut-Off Gladhands for double trailers are designed to keep debris out of the air system with integrated shut-off valves and have dust flat seals and filter screens for added protection. The zinc die-cast surface and a bulkhead mount protects against damage from magnesium chloride, road salts and chemicals. The gladhands are color-coded — blue for service and red for emergency.


HVAC systems

New Enviro-Fleet aftermarket HVAC systems for sleeper cabs are available in under-bunk, rooftop and back wall options. The self-sealed units eliminate refrigerant lines and require only external electrical power.

Two back wall models range from 9,400 Btu to 1,300 Btu AC and 8,000 Btu heat. Two rooftop models have cooling capacities of 13,500 Btu and 15,000 Btu and an integrated 5,600 Btu heater. The under-bunk model provides 14,000 Btu AC and 8,000 Btu heat. Weights range from 80 pounds to 140 pounds. All models use onboard generators and shorepower, and the under-bunk unit and the smaller capacity back wall units can run on four or six absorbed glass mat batteries.


(800) 741 6603




Great Dane trailer enhancements

Great Dane reduced weight of its Classic Truckload refrigerated trailer. Its bonded roof construction reduces weight while increasing durability and maintaining thermal efficiency, the company says.

The Composite trailer’s new heavy-duty bottom rail option features a 21-in. high, one-piece aluminum extrusion that replaces the standard 11-in. bottom rail and eliminates the need for a 6-in. integral steel scuffband.

GREAT DANE,, (912) 644-2100

New valve for refrigeration units

The Electronic Throttling Valve is designed to reduce fuel costs, extend maintenance intervals and improve temperature control performance on Thermo King’s T-series single-temp truck units with scroll compressors. These units include the T-600, T-800 and T-1000. The valve feeds its position back to the electronic controller, and can be set to more than 700 positions to account for weather and load. In addition to fuel and maintenance savings, the box temperature recovers more quickly after a lengthy door opening, the company says.

Enhancements also include a controller that allows data transfer to a USB flash drive, saving 180 hours a year for an average 500-vehicle fleet by eliminating time spent cabling a laptop to the reefer units.

Another enhancement, scheduled for June, will be the TracKing telematics system, which will use cellular, satellite and GPS technology to provide temperature, location and real-time alarm information.

THERMO KING,, (888) 887-2202

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