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James Jaillet

More in the name of stock

| April 14, 2012

Earlier this month the Association of Diesel Specialists – a trade association for diesel mechanics – released a statement in support of what it calls “economical, durable and clean diesel engines,” saying diesel could be a viable fuel of the future if seen and used as a more cleanly burning fuel than what it’s been in the past.

More noteworthy in some respects, though, was the end of the Association’s statement, in which it stated its concerns about bypassing emissions intentionally to achieve better performance, this in line with what every truck manufacturer had to say about retuning or flashing stock engine electronic control modules for better performance or fuel economy – the subject of this month’s cover story.

  • Brad Coddington

    I say its none of there business and the epa should stay out of our business also! They the epa are the ones that are making it harder and harder everyday to turn a profit. If there is something I can do to give my truck more performance and better economy than I’m all for it. The oem’s don’t want people to do this because they will keep there older more reliable and more efficient trucks instead of buying there overly priced less efficient and less reliable trucks. Why would someone want to pay for a truck that takes an extra chemical and I use that term loosely because its mostly overpriced water to have to add and an extra expense to our already low rates not to mention the overly priced trucks to begin with!I will keep my 12 yo truck as long as I can still rebuild it and keep it rolling down the road. And as for by passing the emissions an old Diesel is still cleaner than any gasoline engine produced and my 12 yo diesel burns cleaner than most of these so called clean burn diesels and I don’t have a huge soot collector to clean out and put the remnants into a land fill. That’s my take on it. Thanks for the forum to let me give my two cents strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.