Ingrid Brown

| February 11, 2013

I’m gracious and humbly thankful God has given me 32 years in trucking and 51 years in life! I haul baby moos and general freight to all 48 states and Canada.
Why me? Because I like pretty trucks, memory filled ones — and it’s a rush to show they have personalities, too!

  • Ingrid Brown

    I guess I didn’t realize I should explain alil about myself when this began. But I’ll try. With me there’s a lot to say but safer to say very little. Lol I’m a fun loving laughing comical person who loves my family as well as extended family. One that many know me as you never know what to expect next. I may not have the outter Beauty as those half my age But I wouldn’t trade my 51 years of laugh lines and giggle marks that each of you have given me with inner beauty for love nor money!! The many years of change in trucks and trucking, the raising of two Gorgeous daughters now with children, three times the safe miles, participation in many areas are who I am. Being sentimental to why I’m here gives me more reason than outter BEAUTY to make it why I’m here!! See I’m not alone… there are many of us ole gals who’ve paved the way with committment with a love that each deserve the beauty they each bring. I’d like to Thank You All…I’ve traveled roads no longer allowed and sat with down home people that I’ve kept that beauty within. I’ve kept my 18th Birthday Present from my daddy close by, my 1979 Orange Needle Nose DIAMOND REO beside my garage because that’s what the REAL BEAUTY in Trucking IS. I’ve accomplished many Firsts milestones and those only overflow my heart. My Trucker Buddy’s smiles from Magnet Schools to Special Education classes bring beauty that there is no contest winner of. Each accomplishment along with each of you makes me …A WINNER!!!! And living life to its fullest, giving My ALL makes me a winner INSIDE …the Outter is just my vessel…. I’m me, I’m Ingrid better known as HALF PINT ….and thank you!!!

  • Susan Wirth-White

    Yes, Ingrid, so right. We may be the older girls that paved the way but we salute all women that are out on the road today and those that went before us. We share in all of their success stories and their accomplishments and joys.

  • Gerald Sullivan

    She should win, a beauty with the road miles behind Her.

  • Elaine Rich

    I think you are a blessing to the profession. I am 52 and have been in, around under and thru trucks all my life. My mother taught me to drive when I was a sophomore in High School and got the passion from my Father. I no longer drive, but I do help keep a trucking company in Texas on their toes. I have hauled a lot of things from cows to produce, propane to flatbed. I still love it but now I stay close to home because of animals and there just isn’t a whole lot of companies around here that are worth working for. Some still don’t believe that Women can do just as good and a whole lot better than some of the drivers they have out there now. I do hope you win you are an inspiration.

  • Ingrid Brown

    God Bless you Mr. Gerald, what do I say that’s not um duh lol. is smiles on my heart because of people just like you! Thank you! I’m really real not full of it giggle … Happy Easter!

  • Ingrid Brown

    Ms Elaine you’ve got everything that I do most important a huge heart. Thank you for what you do and being someone new in my life!!!!

  • Ingrid Brown

    Psssttt hey you… I’ll share the memories I’m speaking of in those pretty shiny trucks comes from owning and operating and upkeeping (ughh) a single WOMAN driver winning show truck that rollso hard, before they became WOW.. giggle … But Had to be a work truck for me! Its a rush!!! Don’t tell everybody lol…I just gotta dab in alot huh …. Happy Blessed Easter

  • Ingrid Brown

    Well gang we aren’t sure what happened n the glitch but we not only try to transfer my bio/entry with the others but so did Carolyn Magner and the Overdrive team. Ummm didn’t work lol. So that being said let me first say Thank you to Overdrive and Carolyn but also belief that what is suppose t happen will happen. I’ve been blessed with many wonderful friends and years in trucking and will continue to do so. And my whole hearted belief in Overdrive and Carolyn will always be. I’ll be the biggest Cheerleader for “Overdrives Most Beautiful” there can BE!! Vote, Vote, Vote for some beautiful ladies inside and out! I won’t shut up till you do!!! LOL Until…Smile you’re worth it,
    Ingrid aka HalfPint

  • Jenn Cruthis

    You are such a class act, prissy! Proud to call you a friend!

  • Ingrid

    Awww Jenn I just found this from you! Thank you and so ARE YOU! You’re such a giver and I’m so honored you’re my PRISSY dear friend!
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