Motor skills

| August 01, 2001

Hobbies: Other than working under the hood with my son, I go to some of my daughter’s competitions. Dannielle twirls the baton, and she has about five or six competitions a year.

Prettiest place you’ve been: West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Northern California.

Strangest place you’ve been: Military bases – the places you aren’t supposed to be in. They would lead me in and lead me out.

Worst thing about trucking: As far as safety goes: politicians. They don’t know what’s going on, and they are the ones making the rules, and the rules they’re proposing aren’t doing anything. Also, the way people drive.

What would you change about trucking: Drivers would not have to load or unload. It’s one of the biggest safety problems. A driver may have to wait three hours, and he can’t get any sleep, and then he has to do his regular job to make a living. There is no reason we should have to unload.

Worst place to deliver to: Grocery warehouses, especially if it’s not a drop.

Best thing about your truck: It’s paid for.

How I keep track of expenses: I still depend on pen and paper. I use Ziploc bags to keep things organized and in their proper places.

Greatest challenge facing owner-operators today: Stagnant pay, but sooner or later, shippers will understand that a service must be paid for.

How I got into trucking: It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I worked for a farmer in southern Indiana, and I talked him into buying a truck.

Plans after retirement: I want to travel and go back to where I drove for work but didn’t get a chance to explore.

Do you know an exemplary owner-operator with 15 years of trucking experience and an excellent safety record? Write to Laura Crackel, Overdrive, P.O. Box 3187, Tuscaloosa, AL 35403, or at

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