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Navajo Express job opportunities

| March 01, 2013

Navajo Express announced last week it is looking for drivers with experience and necessary qualifications. The company says it offers a flexible schedule for more time home, competitive pay and added benefits. To apply, contact the company by phone, 800-525-1969, by email — — or by visiting the company’s site.

  • Mike Jones

    Sure they have 2 Red Flag Alerts on their CSA FILE….UNSAFE DRIVING 98.6% and Driver Fitness 89.3%….sound s like a REAL REPUTABLE place to work….LOL

  • martymarsh

    They have had a revolving door as long as I can remember, they are just another stop while drivers are looking for good jobs. But maybe they are trying to get their act together.

  • Mike Jones

    Yep and those Alerts indicate their drivers do NOT play by the NOT have Driver’s License…and DO drive like maniacs….the Company owner has to be willing to let them get away with all this..or encourages it….I would NEVER work at that DUMP….it sucks the Extra large………AVOID!!!!!!

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