Navistar brings back International 9900i with Cummins ISX15

| April 11, 2013
international 9900

The International 9900i was reintroduced by Navistar at the ExpoCam show in Montreal this week. The truck will be equipped with the Cummins ISX15 engine.

The International 9900i and the PayStar 5900 SBA models are back, Navistar announced this week at the ExpoCam show in Montreal, Canada. The two trucks add both the second and third International trucks available from Navistar to be offered with the Cummins ISX15.

They join the International ProStar to form what Navistar is calling a new Cummins-powered portfolio.

The ISX15 offers horsepower ratings from 400 to 600 with 1,4500-2,050 lb-ft. of torque.

“Customers can expect to see the same classically chiseled hood with a bevy of chrome options for the 9900i,” says Navistar’s announcement. “While the heavy-duty PayStar 5900 delivers unsurpassed strength and maneuverability with its frame rail options and aluminum cab.”

Production on both trucks began this month and Navistar is currently taking orders for them. The 9900i is available exclusively with the ISX15 and the PayStar 5900 is available with both the ISX15 and Navistar’s proprietary MaxxForce 13 equipped with Cummins’ SCR aftertreatment system.


  • m. j.

    Why not? Since they’re building trucks for Cat using the cab and related other parts. And, since the tooling is long ago amortized or paid off, those profit margins should be really attractive. Plus, that design had been refined to be just about idiot-proof.

  • John Hillsbery

    I’ve always liked the 9900 series glad to see them giving it new life.

  • John Scott

    Given the cost per mile going up and the rates stagnant. I would say the days of high HP and high torque engines like the ISX 15 will see fewer and fewer takers. In the end even the Owner Operator will have to accept a leaner and more efficient truck in order to survive.

  • frostysr1

    nice to see they are taking orders on them I ordered a 5900 in december and it still hasnt been built after they claimed it would be delivered March 1st ended up cancelling the truck and switching brands after having internationals since 1987!

  • jake g.

    you need “Idiot Proof” with the drivers and companies that are operating these days……” Idiot Proof” is the perfect type of truck for the drivers oput there now

  • jake g.

    If you know what your doing you can survive, if you wanna try and drive for these idiots paying 99cents a mile then you deserve to fail, rates aren’t stagnant, you have to learn how get the rate you need…….

  • oledoc2u

    I have my 9900I about two weeks and 7000 miles. I love it so far. I little heavier than my old 9400I but the cummins is purring, getting a little better fuel mileage each day. Right at 5 mpg right now, with 525hp motor, 13 speed tranny… strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.