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Navistar develops, improves technologies to improve uptime

| March 27, 2014
  • Rosetta Diaz

    My boyfriend used to drive big truck and said I should share this company with y’all cause it’s hard for you to get financing.

    He said that when he wanted to buy a new truck he couldn’t cause his personal credit because it was to bad. He had been in business for over five years and made very go money, but because of child support he didn’t know he owed, his credit was ruined.

    His truck went down just as child support empty his bank account. If he had access to this financing company who doesn’t use the same rules as regular banks, than he would have been back on the road in a matter of days instead of months.

    Well I found this company on~line and gave the information to one of his cousin who is a truck driver. He has only been in business for a little over a year. His truck went down and they approved his loan in a couple of days and put the money in his account in less than a week.

    He said that the application was easy all you have to do is fill out your business information. Since they help him so much I decided to join them and help y’all get financing when you need it.
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    I think it look really cool… I’d love to drive it and buy one if it ever came to market.. I always thought it would be cool to match a turbo shaft turbine engine from a helicopter and put it into a class 8 truck.. M1 military tanks use a gas turbine engine but get bad fuel milage, a helicopter engine would get better, and looks like these guys have even done better

  • Sdeekay

    I’ll keep my 1965 GMC Crackerbox. It’s from an age when trucks were trucks, men were men, and women knew it!….and robots were toys for children.
    I’m just too old at just 52.

  • Scott

    It’s kinda like a conventional truck and a cabover truck. It totally needs a passenger seat and passenger door. I would volunteer to test drive this on my route for a few months

  • CJ

    My main concern as with any new vehicle is safety. Honestly this truck and the trailer looks like it would roll easy, or blow over in high wind, crumple like a can in a wreck and possibly increase the chance of catching fire. I also have concerns of how to get out in the event of a crash. Sliding doors on other vehicles have a tendency to have alot of malfunctions and can be costly to fix. So I hate to think of the cost of repairs for a truck.
    From comfort stand points it appears to have a pullout chair bed? Who can say they have ever had a good nights sleep on anything like that….it’s bad enough in a conventional sleeper. Plus no passenger seat. This would make it unusable for team drivers or any driver who takes their significant other or kids out. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.