Navistar discontinues MaxxForce 15, drops ICT+ terminology

| September 26, 2012

Navistar announced Sept. 27 that it will drop its MaxxForce 15-liter heavy-duty diesel engine in favor of the Cummins ISX15, which will appear in ProStar+ tractors by year’s end. International will continue to build the MaxxForce 15 in the short-term until the order board is filled and then cease production. The announcement came at International’s 7th Boot Camp Dealer/Sales Educational Program in Tooele, Utah.

Bob Mann, vice president of dealer sales for International, also noted that Navistar will drop the ICT+ marketing name for it’s exhaust after-treatment system and simply refer to it as “SCR” going forward.

Mann said that International medium-duty engines still retain EPA emissions credits, so the immediate SCR focus for engineers will be on the heavy-duty engines. The current timetable for International medium-duty SCR adoption is April 2013 for MaxxForce 11- and 13-liter engines, January 2014 for DT Series engines and MaxxForce 9- and 10-liter engines in January 2014, and the MaxxForce 7-liter engine in January 2015.

The company also announced a host of new and improved products will enter the production pipeline in the next few months that Mann says will give International the products needed to recapture market share lost over the past couple of years. Key introductions will include:

* A four-wheel drive TerraStar, available in February 2013

* An Allison 1350 transmission option for TerraStar

* A new/retrofittable engine brake for the MaxxForce 7-liter engine

* A slope-nosed WorkStar 7600, available now

* On-board diagnostic systems for vocational trucks, beginning in January

* A LoneStar-derived Eagle interior for the WorkStar 7600, available now

* The new LoadStar, low cab-forward truck, appearing next year and a natural gas version available in July of 2013.

Dealers key to past, future success

Jim Hebe, vice president of sales for Navistar, noted that – not for the first time – International today finds itself “fighting for survival,” but said that company’s dealers would be key to digging it out of the hole created by the company’s push to develop an EGR-only diesel engine.

“Things are bad,” Hebe admitted. “But we’ve got Cummins on board and we’re fighting our way back. We’ve got a long way to go and there are still a lot of distractions out there. We’re seeing battles over who’s going to be on our board of directors. But I don’t think that matters. It didn’t matter three years ago and it won’t matter going forward. Because the strength of this company rests with its dealer organization.”

Hebe says that he feels more comfortable and confident than any time since 2006 about where International is and where the company is going. ” We are focused on businesses that make money and make sense for our customers. And that’s crucial,” he said.

Hebe noted that during the darkest days of the EGR-SCR war, it was the dealers who kept International alive. “If it wasn’t for you,” he said, speaking to packed room of dealers and sales representatives from around the country, “there’s a good chance we wouldn’t be here today. And that’s all because of the way you supported our customers.”

On a related note, Hebe says Navistar is ready to turn the page and move past the animosity of the EGR-SCR debate, saying the days of criticizing its competitors are over. Dealers and sales people will be taught about competitive strong points in order to understand their strengths and sell against them. But the tone going forward will be markedly different, he added.

  • 4btrucking

    I guess we won’t have choices of engines in the future. Get ready for Cummins to break it off in you worse than they already do..

  • Grumpy Old Man

    I don’t agree with them dropping the max force 15 engine, they should continue to offer it into the long term future. I know it would make a difference for me in buying a new truck. Not that I am in the market for one anytime soon.

  • V.

    Really 4bt? I guess its only personal experience. For the last 15 years our interaction with Cummins has been far greater than expected. And they stand behind owner operators and warranty issues like i’ve never seen. (CAT shoved it to us every chance they got).
    I would consider an International now. I had no interest in owning “their” motor.

  • jescott418

    I think the big engines are going to go away in the next few years. The question is how much crap emission controls will a owner put up with in order the have the big blocks. Obviously it was not Navistar that sent the Maxxforce 15 to retirement. It was the EPA. Remember that come November.

  • Bradley D Coddington

    Well this decision to drop the maxforce 15 is a reason that I will stick with Kenworth and no longer keep navistar in my truck buying plans. I was pulling for navistar with the maxforce15 but now there is no reason to change brands. The maxforce15 was the last of the cat engine empire. So this decision has made my mind up to stick with my old Kenworth and caterpillar I will not buy a scr equipped truck they are unreliable less efficient and more expensive to operate. I believe navistar as well as caterpillar bowed down to the epa. Please remember this when you go to the polls this november to get these anti business politicians out of office and put in people that understand how business is done.

  • Xavier624

    My company has both Kenworths with the SCR that constantly clog and are derated with no real fix in sight and Internationals with the Maxxforce EGR that run okay but don’t get great fuel economy. The last Kenworths I had were constantly in the shop and if there’s an award for lousy treatment of drivers then Kenworth has that locked up. I’d stick with International until Kenworth can prove they can do more than clear the codes, lie to the driver and pass the problem to the shop down the road.

  • Diesel Dave

    I have worked on heavy trucks for the last 18 years SCR is junk. I think we need to turn the page on this stuff and remove it. I look at ECM data and one truck used 500 liters of fuel around 125 gallons in 2 years cleaning the muffler, how are we saving the planet burning way more fuel. The EPA has gone too far and we will all
    pay the price in higher trucking fees to pay for this junk.

  • Thunder

    We have driven International trucks for many years and the only thing a Maxxforce engine is good for is a boat anchor. We will not own one ever, since Cat left the scene the choices are pretty poor for engines. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.