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Navistar introduces used truck reconditioning, resale program

Lucas Deal | July 28, 2014

Navistar is taking aim at the used truck market.

The company has introduced Diamond Renewed, a comprehensive inspection and mechanical reconditioning process for International used trucks taken in via trade that it says will improve the value and marketability of the trucks when returned to the wholesale, retail and dealer marketplaces.

“Diamond Renewed is an industry game-changer,” says David Gerrard, senior vice president of distribution at Navistar. “We are providing our used truck customers with a new truck experience.”


Gerrard described the benefits of the new program for dealers and the media during a press event at Navistar’s Lisle, Ill. headquarters late last week.

“I think this program can raise the bar of what the used truck market means,” he says. “We hope to give a small buyer the same truck buying experience that a larger customer receives.”

Gerrard says the Diamond Renewed program is anchored by three core principles: an exhaustive inspection process, a two-year, 200,000 mile warranty and Navistar’s new OnCommand Connection uptime monitoring program, standard on all reconditioned vehicles.

“Our comprehensive reconditioning process includes more than 180 vehicle and engine inspection points to drive consistency across the International brand. Our warranty includes coverage of the EGR system and we are providing the best in uptime support as the only OEM to provide performance and uptime monitoring as standard on our used trucks,” says Gerrard.


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The Diamond Renewed process was developed at the company’s Used Equipment Reconditioning Center (UERC) in Indianapolis, where technicians conduct mechanical and aesthetic reconditioning. Navistar says work includes cleaning or replacing diesel particulate filters and diesel oxidation catalysts, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) calibration software updates, checking and repairing brake systems, conducting major body repair, painting the frame rail and more. To date, the UERC has reconditioned more than 1,200 units.

“Diamond Renewed assures every truck meets our stringent reconditioning and quality standards,” Gerrard says. “While the UERC supports the company’s 15 used truck centers, we also have engaged the dealer channel in this program. Any vehicle that is badged with Diamond Renewed, whether it has been to the UERC or to the dealer, will have undergone our standardized reconditioning process.”

Gerrard says the company formed a dealer advisory group to assist in creating the framework for the program, and says interaction between the two sides was integral to its success.

“The relationship and collaboration between [our dealers and our corporate team] during the last 18 months has never been better,” he says.

Model year 2010 or newer International ProStar, TranStar and LoneStar models powered by MaxxForce EGR engines with less than 400,000 miles and up to 450 horsepower are eligible for the Diamond Renewed program. Navistar’s System1 Confidence warranty provides OEM factory-backed warranty coverage for up to two years, 200,000 miles. Coverage includes EGR components, the company says.


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OnCommand Connection, the industry’s first single remote diagnostics portal to use an open architecture system, Navistar says, provides fleet managers with access to real-time fault codes, truck and dealer locations, vehicle health reports and fault code action plans. The integrated monitoring system also connects fleet managers with dealers to allow for vehicle diagnosis and recommended solutions prior to arrival at the dealership, the company says.

Navistar also announces it has completed an OnCommand Connection mobile app for truck owners as a way to maximize uptime provided by the diagnostics platform.

“Our goal is to be the leading vehicle uptime manufacturer in the market,” says Bill Kozek, president of North American Truck & Parts at Navistar.

Diamond Renewed trucks are available through International Used Truck Centers nationwide and International truck dealers.

  • Myron LInd

    In other words, “We are going to polish up all our previous problems and resell them to another group of unsuspecting customers with the same promises we couldn’t keep the first time”. Further, determining what is wrong still doesn’t fix it. I personally wouldn’t buy one of these unless repowered by Cummins or unless International held half the purchase price in escrow with a guarantee of hourly reimbursement for each hour it spends in the shop

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  • localnet

    This “program” sounds like a recipe for bankruptcy, and it could not happen to a better outfit… It sounds like Navistar is busting headlong into the turd polishing business… Good luck with that.

    And I can say that, as I own an International ProStar, with a CUMMINS… I have to say it has been one of the worst “ownership” experiences I have ever experienced. I would gladly take one of my Volvos or Petes back in a heartbeat…

    Honestly, Navistar has no business being in the truck manufacturing, much less servicing business, until they figure out how to build/fix a truck that does not fall apart going down the road… Oh, and customer service? HA! What the hell is that you ask?

    Here is one for you, one of many… I lost a carrier bearing in Indianapolis, thank God I was at the consignee and able to drop my trailer… I called Rush International, told them my predicament… Rush advertises that they have their own tow and service trucks, what better place to call, eh? This was at 5pm on a Wednesday, and I’m around 15 miles from them… They told me to call some mom and pop outfit, nothing about being to busy or short on help, just call this other shop and he hung up on me, didn’t even give me a phone number! During the call, I could hear a roomful of those twerps cutting up in the background, they can go to hell…. I had my International towed to Palmer Kenworth, they gladly got me into their shop and rolling down the road in short order, great guys… And guess where they had to get the parts from?

    Speaking of International quality, today, my vent window blew out going down I-80 in Chicago, real quality “craftsmanship”… As you can tell, I am not a fan of anything International, and would not recommend their product to anyone. Stay away, far, far away, unless you have very deep pockets and are into self abuse.

  • chauncey calmese

    I have a 2009 international prostar , I bought it for “long moutain truck sales” , I have been replacing , tires , torsion bars on the axle, cab shock, manifold gasket, battery twice in a year, now for the 3rd time cleaning the regeneration system, now its needs new dpf filters & catalysts filters , I haven’t had no break, just pure fixing this junk truck , it’s beyond used so my advice is carfax the Vin before you buy

  • chauncey calmese

    My truck don’t qualify for this program it’s a 2009 with a Cummins with 600000 miles , so if I don’t get a hold of all my problems , I will lose my truck , my first truck & last truck every body is to busy fucking the drivers & owner operater’s over out here

  • localnet

    Don’t forget to replace your damper… Mine was bad, they need to be replaced at 500,000 mile intervals.

    Mine was bad, didn’t know how bad until I replaced it. I blame it for taking out my alternator, AC Compressor and tensioner pulley. I also believe it has harmed my clutch/transmission, which is next on my list. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.