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Navy Yard shooter screened by contractor that handles trucking’s DAC reports

| September 23, 2013
NSA Hot Buttons poll results

Click the poll above to see Overdrive’s July coverage of readers’ opinions of the NSA’s data mining.

As Overdrive Online reported in July, the same company that manages DAC background checks on truck drivers managed to let NSA leaker Edward Snowden through the system. The government’s largest contractor for personnel screens, USIS, admitted last week it had also done the background check on Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis, The Washington Post has reported.

USIS, currently under investigation itself, merged with DAC-provider HireRight Systems in 2008.

Click here to see Overdrive‘s June coverage of Snowden’s trucking connection (the background checks), which explains more about the background check company and its relation to trucking. 

Related: Overdrive readers sounded off in July about the government’s “homeland spying” by the National Security Agency, and an overwhelming majority said the government needs to clamp down on spying on its citizens or change the scope of its focus. Click here to see that story.

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    Shows how worthless a DAC Report is…

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