New exhaust regulations start Jan. 1

| November 30, 2012

For those making runs in California, be ready — state officials are set to begin Jan. 1 strict enforcement of new regulations for truck exhaust and will be dinging violators about $1,000 per violation.

According to a report by Overdrive sister site CCJ, truck weighing more than 26,000 pounds with 2000-2004 year-model engines must install state-approved soot filters or upgrade to newer vehicles. California’s Air Resources Board, in addition to the $1,000 fine, can block registration of non-compliant trucks and can even impound them. Overtime, penalties will become more severe, CARB says.

Those owning three trucks or fewer can delay compliance until 2014 by taking advantage of CARB’s small fleet option. Installation of a filter can take longer than a month, but even if filters are not installed in time, CARB will reduce penalties for those in the process of doing so.

The new regs apply to all trucks operated in California, not only those registered with the state.

See CCJ‘s full report for more information.

  • Ken Wilson

    So, what about trucks older than 2000?


    Boycott California .

  • Paul

    Time to start charging $4.00 a mile…

  • steve

    Easy fix, No trucks in California

  • Larry

    your already non compliant!

  • Larry

    this is just the start All 53 ft van trailers must have the aero junk installed on them by 1/1/13 and be running California approved Tires or that’s $1000 a day also ticket to the driver and the owner!

  • packrat74871

    I was thinking the today, “What about the guy with the 195? to 1987 Classic rebuilt Peterbilt, Mack, Freightliner, Kenworth, sho-nuf Working Show truck?? According to them we have to buy and install an “Add on” DPF” filter…….. B.S. I don’t care how good the “freight” coming out is, I won’t be going there…… I hope they choke on their own stupidity…….We need to raise the price on these Oklahoma and Arkansas Chickens they like.

  • Thomas Duncan

    Someone HAS to stop this unconstitutional crap,It is not a tax it is a mandate that forces citizens of this country to purchase something they do not want.They continue to do by regulation what can not be done legally!They are putting me out of business!

  • Joseph Gaines

    what about those coming out of Mexico?

  • mousekiller

    It is amazing how the trucking industry has jumped on California’s band wagon on this CARB and EPA crap. A simple solution would to stop going into or out of ca. Reefer trucks have the biggest hammer as Ca GNP is based on produce. Park at the chilling houses and refuse to load . In less than a week changes would be made . Millions of dollars of crops get plowed under and the truck farmers would be on the legislators in Sacramento in a heart beat.. The rest of the industry just don’t go and the last nail in CARBs coffin is driven. Alas ,it wont work as truckers haven’t stuck together in 20 years or more.

  • Michael E Volk

    dont go there period

  • tommy g

    We the Truckers are in charge. So when will everyone wake up and realize this? We can control this situation but as with every thing else it is just easier to sit and complain instead of reacting, We as truckers are our own worst enemy. If there arent enough compliant trucks to haul in or out of Ca. They can eat what we cant load and let the rest rot on the dock, because we wont be bringing anything in either! This truly the land of the fruits and nuts and sometimes the weather is even a little queer, as for me I will drop Ca. from my licensing effective Jan. 1, 2013

  • Dave

    Thirty or more years ago, when I was new to trucking. The truckers ban together and did a nation wide strike for lower fuel prices. Within a week the Country was on their knees. Nothing since that time has happened. I think it’s time again for the Truckers of America to stand up and be counted. Stop California from their Communist actions. STOP HAULING on Jan 1. 2012 Let California know they are not running the Nation.

  • Andrea Sitler

    I loved living and working in S. CA but from a trucking standpoint – can’t stand the place. I value the air but they have gone too far. When you can’t afford to work due to the cost of compliance; something has to give. The port strike is an issue now more regs. Come on CA, you are making the news for all the wrong reasons.

  • Ap

    Last year I spend 35000 on this truck i rebuild this truck now
    They don’t want me to drive this I am only one person working in my family with this law I going to become homeless with my family thanks California

  • Valerie Rick Lawane

    IF EXHAUST is so bad….how come the tree’s and shrub’s along the nation’s highway’s are so green?????

  • 4btrucking

    Up yours CA. Either truckers are going to have to learn to become a band of brothers or we’ll never have a chance. Please fellow truckers, BAN CALIFORNIA and the EPA. Trucks are not the cause of all the problems. It’s a money game we can’t afford. Time to form a something more powerful than OOIDA…..

  • Trucking Down the Road

    Why does CARB do this? Because they can. There will never be a shortage of trucks in California, and rates going to CA will always be low. That is just the way it is. The crying going on here is just a waste of energy.

  • Marty Marsh

    So, no matter how you look at it this state is going to make you spend money, which is the norm these days.

  • Marty Marsh

    We are our own worst enemy.

  • Mike Smith


  • tony

    Good reason to stay out of the state of California

  • jose

    the truck manufacturers (engine…) are the none to blame. they know how the nation and its politics change day by day, than the politics. Politicians see the chance to make tax money and they take it.

  • Josef

    That’s why I stopped hauling to CA year ago. If everybody would do it there wouldn’t be a regulations like this. But the problem is, we are too stupid to get united.

  • Zachary Bell

    No, according to them… We and anyone with a pre-1996 truck- would be completely BANNED starting 1/1/2015 and MUST purchase a newer truck with one of the following: a post-2010-MY engine, a 1996-2009 truck with a DPF retrofit (the add-on filter you refer to), or simply stop living in/running to California. I advise the 3rd option- move to Illinois, New York, Texas, or somewhere else if you do not want to sell your truck.

  • Zachary Bell

    Let’s roll the coal and blow the coal… just don’t run to California! CARB can eat my truck’s coal for dinner.

  • tryin

    You know this is not constitutional, no matter how people want to scream about how it will stop us. CARB/California is taking the right of the federal government away and regulating interstate commerce by preventing us the market access within the california border. They have no right to do this and with several supreme court cases affirming the commerce clause of the constitution is a federal thing, they are limited to forcing anyone to follow CARB rules who have their truck registered in other states, even APUs are not covered because that is something that is needed to fulfill the HOS under FMCSA regs. The real problem is we are so fractured as an industry that we can’t do this without the help from OOIDA but they are not interested in it. Maybe (don’t yell at me for this far fetched idea) the ACLU should be involved.

  • Rich Charles

    I like reading these comments.You guys are sort of right,but then are sort of wrong.No One is forcing you to go to Calif if you own your own truck.Who the hecks name is on the title.Whining isn’t going to change any rule that Calif DOT decides to enforce.Just like idling.I drive an ’05 Freightliner.I’ve got until Jan 2014.I guess after that,I won’t grace the Cali border,unless I invest in a newer truck.I won’t complain,because I still have a choice where and when I go.And yes I am leased to a major HHG carrier.Atlas VanLines!!
    Boycotting won’t do any good.Remember,its not like the ’70’s anymore,there are way to many companies with over a thousand trucks that will carry what you refuse.

  • Gravy

    No they are not forcing me in. Just forcing me out, Unless I change my truck and my life and my family’s life. It is forced because it will be enforced, and the enforcing officers will carry guns and only give you two options. Sad. Real sad. And even sadder is the truth that I am forced to make them force me to do this. Sad indeed.

  • mad as hell!

    F u CA. You are so stupid, live on yourself without trucks. See how it is then assholes!!!

  • EX californian

    Need to have a California moron surcharge.$20000 just to cross a Cali border and a $100000 to put with their stupidity.Sell Calif to Mexico to pay down debt.

  • EX californian

    Mexicali mexico Lets see those polititions how far they get with those regs down in Mexico. Maybe the cartels will just shoot them.

  • Gordon Alkire

    California is a sanctuary state for illegals and someone has to pay for it. I have made the decision to not go back to Kalifornia even tho my old 97 truck can until 2014. I get good pay going to and from. It is not so much the law but the law enforcement people that really don’t know much about WHY they are doing their job or how. The inspector thinks he is little god and doesn’t hesitate to let you know it. Not worth proving him wrong with a law suit.. Then again, a 5 million dollars class action suit filed against the inspectors and or LEO’s by every driver improperly ticketed might make a difference after all.

  • Gordon Alkire

    NO NO not NY they too have this pollution crap CA has

  • Gordon Alkire

    Solution #1 to start the ending of this ca crap. Each and every driver gets close to CA. call dispatch and tell them your too sick to continue safely. You are parking. Must have gotten the bug that is going around.

    You are now legal and any one that argues with safety is a fool. The driver to pick up your trailer calls in sick too. Must be a bug. O/O can have mechanical problems and getting a receipt for repairs is not that tough. They too can get sick.. If your too sick to safely drive the CMV the regs clearly state that you must pull off in a safe place until it is safe to to continue.
    Can you imagine a company with 25 or 30 trucks stopped in or near CA?
    Now most drivers of company trucks are simply job scared and probably won’t do anything but do as they are told like good company robots and slaves are supposed to do.
    and all drivers are too sick to continue. Force a driver to go and the law suits would
    put most of those companies out of business.
    Far too many O/O are so close to losing their trucks they will not go along for even a week even tho it will benefits them too.

    Drivers have not stuck together for over 20 years and that is part of the problem. Not even a work slowdown is possible now . Don’t even consider striking for a better life and safety.

    Use the regulations to OUR benefit. The govt can’t argue about their own laws being used.

  • Gordon Alkire

    Because the trees clean the air.

  • charlie

    You better read the 3rd line of the 2013 extension. You can still be fined even though you did get get the waiver for 2013. It`s easy, let the big cos. go to CA. they already are geared for this and hope they can keep drivers for t. I won`t be going anymore with my 2004 petercar, as itt`s just not worth the bull.

  • Marty Marsh


  • Mike Jones

    trees and plants BREATH Carbon Dioxide IN and Exhale Oxygen….hence they are green and healthy and planted in abundance to absorb the carbon dioxide on freeways.

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  • Zachary Bell

    NY may have some pollution crap, but CALI is far worse, since they are forcing carriers to buy brand-new equipment at their own expense. WHY? So the state can make money on sales taxes.

  • Niterider

    Together we have to act now! Let them see how powerful we are. If we just seat here and talk to each other , it’s not going to work. Do something!

  • cgris

    Yes people need to reunite like in the old days the gov. didn’t push us around and do what they wanted until we the people started giving up our voice! STAND AND FIGHT THATS WHAT MAKES US AMERICANS!!!

  • bobfairlane

    Kosherfornia won’t regulate Mexicans or Mexican trucks, but will IMPOUND American trucks and bankrupt American drivers with fines. Watch, if American truckers boycott CA, the gov will just drag in a bunch MORE mexicans, and let them escape with all kinds of “violations” to solve a “crisis” and “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Sick bastards.

  • bobfairlane

    FU. We shouldn’t give Mexico anything but retaliation.

  • lover

    yep you stupid truckers need to have respect when you drive through town I got woke up at 2am from yall jake breakin and idleing all night its gonna be ok when I call law enforcement and yall will be fined and wont be able to do that crap no more I will be laughing my butt off when yall get banned from doing this crap to residence strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.