New Hours Rule for All

| April 07, 2005

I have done my own evaluations of companies, and I have my own points scale. This is just one man’s opinion; you the writers and “experts” can put together a complete listing. Maybe this could become an annual event, where companies actually compete for the top 10 or 50 status positions. Numbers speak louder than words, as companies promise the stars and you end up getting only the “moon!” I see this as the best way to advise drivers and other owner-operators on how to pick the right company for them. Give them all the information, let them add up the numbers for themselves and make a decision.

Mark Rhodes
Cleveland, Ohio

Going Under

I own one truck and trailer. In the past three years, it has become harder and harder to make ends meet. Fuel prices are about to put me out of business, along with other problems like brokers that double broker loads before you get them and states that charge personal property taxes on trucks that are not even registered in their state. Why do I have to pay personal property tax over and over again? State taxes, federal taxes, and the list goes on. It seems that everyone thinks the trucker has a big wallet, but no more folks, it has been picked too much.

Something has got to be done to raise freight charges, along with the increasing costs of operation. Something must go back into the trucker’s pocket pretty soon, or folks like myself will cease to exist. This country depends on the trucking industry for most of its needs, and it is time to stop sucking the life out of it.

Ben Wall
Kill Devil Hills, N.C.

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