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Truckers News Staff | July 01, 2010

Truck-Lite’s Super 80 LED lamp offers motion-detected operation, eliminating the need for a switch. The lamp is just more than an inch thick, and Truck-Lite says it can function at full brightness levels at anywhere between seven- and 16-volt power.


(800) 562-5012

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Bendix’s air management package includes an air injection booster, an electronic air control dryer and a turbo-clutch air compressor, all designed to reduce fuel consumption and improve emissions, the company says. The system is placed near the engine’s air intake and injects air from an auxiliary tank directly into the engine’s air intake system.

Bendix Commercial Vehicle Systems

(800) 247-2725

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Warren Oil Company says its new Lubriguard Skyblue DEF can be used to help drivers ensure their vehicles comply with the 2010 EPA standards for diesel emissions. The DEF is stored in a tank on the vehicle and injected into the exhaust duct.

Warren Oil Company

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The Idle Guard 200, from Transportation Safety Technologies, automatically prevents unnecessary engine idling, the company says. Depending on the model, the truck’s engine will be shut off after three, five or 15 minutes. TST says the Idle Guard will work with almost any vehicle.

Transportation Safety Technologies

(800) 428-4449

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