October’s featured show truck: ’94 379

| October 17, 2012

“Good enough to eat,” said Ronnie King’s wife about Ripe & Ready, this 1994 Peterbilt 379 – pictured with model Shelby – after he laid on the bright yellow paint. King, a Jamestown, Tenn.-based independent who hauls tomatoes, wrecked trucks and more, found the unit in a junkyard in 2004.

He stretched the frame to 290 inches and built the truck back up. Talladega fiberglass fenders now cover the drives and, for a unique touch, he covered the front fenders and trim on the rears with “chameleon” paint, as he calls it. Depending on the viewing angle, the paint morphs from purple to raspberry and shades in between.

King won awards in the 2010 and 2012 editions of the Custom Rigs Pride & Polish competition at the 75 Chrome Shop in Wildwood, Fla.

Here’s what was done in the October issue with King’s truck:


  • flatbed to my heart

    Beautiful truck, but the “scrawney supposed to be model” is pitiful. Are these pictures supposed to show the truck, or this piece of crap that thinks she is prettier than the truck?

    I would have loved to see the truck, especially from different angles.

  • mark

    she was hired to do a job D.A. And seriously, wow..jealous or what.

  • MarionCDavies

    The magazine racks at any truckstop are full of 379 pics; good looking women are harder to come by.

  • flatbed to my heart

    If I clicked on the link to see pictures of a truck, that is what I expect. If I wanted to see pictures of a female, I would click on a link for them.

    If I was at a truckstop, I wouldn’t be looking for neither trucks nor females. I would be looking for a parking place to sleep.

    As far as jealous, you can believe whatever you chose.

    Those are lame replies to this comment.

    But the one good thing I can say: at least you ain’t in no pickle park trying to get a pickle……………………….! So that is at least one thing in your favor!!!

  • disqus_WarfBjSAL3

    I like the return of the models with the trucks. In the Mike Parkhurst days of OVERDRIVE models frequently enhanced feature trucks. OVERDRIVE was a strong advocate for the truckers back then. Much more so than current ownership

  • Clapton Fan

    Not everyone likes a 200 pound fat ass asking for another box of bon-bons while she asks you to hand her the tv remote control. She looks fine to me….Also better than some tattooed road tramp with double d’s touching her belly button. Nothing disgusts me more than fat chicks.

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