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Cancer-awareness advocacy from GA small fleet; Long Haul Survivor update

| January 21, 2014
For more photos by Newton Citizen staff photographer Karen Rohr of Junior Pippin Trucking units, follow this link.

For more photos by Newton Citizen staff photographer Karen Rohr of Junior Pippin Trucking units, follow this link to Chris Starrs’ report on the fleet’s breast-cancer-awareness efforts.

A nice story came across the desk this a.m. via the Newton Citizen and reporter Chris Starrs. It’s about Conyers, Ga.-based small fleet owner Lewis “Junior” Pippin and his Junior Pippin Trucking fleet of around 50 trucks, 30 of them dump trucks, Starrs notes. He’s outfitted several with ribbons and messages such as you see in the photo by Newton Citizen staff photographer Karen Rohr, following his wife’s battle with breast cancer.  

Follow this link for the full report.

Pippin joins the efforts of many around the industry I’ve written about from time to time. There was the Great Lakes Convoy for women’s cancers at last year’s Expedite Expo in Ohio, and of course, Eldon Jaeger and the 2000 Peterbilt 379 Long Haul Survivor awareness truck — the custom unit is being raffled off, and the big day is getting fairly close. The final winner will be drawn at the May 2-3 Midwest Pride in Your Ride show in Iowa, where Jaeger and company are based.

Long Haul Survivor is a custom 2000 Peterbilt 379.

Long Haul Survivor is a custom 2000 Peterbilt 379.

I was reminded of an idea one raffle participant sent along back in October:  Maureen Olson, who’d sent along a query as to potential for mail-order of tickets (details below) for the raffle, thought it’d be a great story to hear raffle participants’ ideas for what to do with the Long Haul Survivor Peterbilt — should they win. 

Here’s Olson’s own idea: 

Should I win, I’d like to use the rig as a “bobtail educational tool” and travel to various “Touch-a-Truck” events here in New England…. This would give younger folks (our future drivers) a “hands-on” feel for the truck, responsibility and the industry. I also have a cousin who had to give up his rig in order to save his home when the economy tanked — perhaps I could get him back on the road on his own again. Hmmmm… Partners in business? Two great potential opportunities! Hey, you can’t win if you don’t try. 

Keep the shiny side up!


VIDEO: Rolling out with the Great Lakes Convoy for women’s cancers

Watch the convoy -- founded by two proud women, one an owner-operator, in the expediting segment -- roll out in this vid. Bonus: Nick and ...

So how about it? What would you do with the Peterbilt were you to win? Tell us in the comments.

Tickets to enter the raffle are available with a $10 donation — interested parties can send checks via mail to:

Midwest Pride In Your Ride
304 1st Ave. East
Worthington, IA 52078


Longhaul Survivor rig sells 900+ tix in first event

Quite a debut for the Longhaul Survivor cancer-benefit raffle rig put together by owner-operator Eldon Jaeger and a large crew of supporters.

Checking in today with Mike Heiderscheit (whose wife, Brenda, and her battle with cancer were the primary inspirations for the benefit raffle), I learned that more than 9,000 raffle entries have been made thus far as Heiderscheit and Jaeger, Brenda’s father, have toured the truck shows throughout the last year. They’ll be at the Mid-West Truckers Association show in Peoria, Ill., at the end of the month, likewise the Mid-America Trucking Show in March in Louisville, Ky. — you can likewise donate to enter the raffle in person at those events. 

  • Cynthia Ariana Roberts

    I would pull one of them mobile imaging system’s around the nation so low to no income people could get help..Or anyone that needed a mammogram could get one..I went through a cancer scare and trust me it’s Sooo not fun waiting for your sentence.

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  • MO

    What an absolutely wonderful idea! Kudos to you Cynthia – although I entered I’d be limited to running Bobtail and I really Pray that you will come out on top as your idea would serve many more in need . I’ll admit to being spoiled because we in New England have somewhat easy access to major hospitals. The rest of the country – not so. Many blessings to you and Good Luck! MO (AKA “Ajax”.)

  • quentinjones

    I would FINALLY start my own trucking company! And proudly display the cancer awareness on the truck. My dad lost his life to cancer as well so it would be a token to his memory. Although it wasnt breast cancer, it was cancer. I believe that we put way to much emphasis on breast cancer and not enough on cancer itself. So we have pink sand purples to denoting the breast cancer awareness because it mostly affects women. But what about cancer in general. Why isnt a free truck given away for CANCER awareness thats maybe blue, or red, or green, or any other color! Have we forgotton that breast cancer is not the only cancer out there? Have we forgotton to make people aware of other forms of cancer? Your right cynthia, awaiting your sentence is not fun. Nor is it fun for a 9 year old boy awaiting his fathers sentence and watching his life wither away and his face erode off his body and then loosing him at 16. So have we forgotten about cancer awareness in general and not specifically breast cancer? The question asks what would i do with the free truck? I would start my own trucking company and lease on with a broker for loads and trailer. And it would be in rememberence of my father who was a truck driver and farmer.

  • Name

    My Mom passed away from cancer 2 yrs ago in May. I plan on retiring in a few years and I would drive this to shows around the midwest to remind people just what a cruel thing cancer is. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.