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One truck to rule them all

| January 03, 2014

George and Wendy Parker's 2004 Freightliner

Find  more photos of the 2004 Freightliner Coronado, a former Chip Ganassi Racing haul tractor, in the gallery below. For a full complement of shots via this gallery on the George and Wendy Show website.

Find more photos of the 2004 Freightliner Coronado, a former Chip Ganassi Racing haul tractor, in the gallery below. Find a full complement of shots via this gallery on the George and Wendy Show website.

The Precious is here. She arrived from Wisconsin the other day, and I haven’t seen my husband since. He has paced and pranced and climbed all over his new girlfriend, right in front of me. Clearly, his mind is preoccupied with the new acquisition. It’s a good thing I’m tolerant and love her as much as he does. It’s as close to being a sister-wife as I’m ever gonna get without kicking someone’s ass every day of the week. I wouldn’t be a good candidate for a multiple. The first time I walked into my kitchen early in the morning and there was another chick there, things would go drastically downhill and you can venture to say it wouldn’t be a happy home.

It’s also been an exercise in patience as far as getting her papers straight. We are fortunate to be members of OOIDA and were able to insure her properly with their help, but all the taxes, tags and titling is an absolute nightmare. Mostly because when you look up the information online, it’s completely different from what they tell you when you get to the window to pay and make actual paper transactions. It’s like the website and the state offices in Ohio have never met. I’m seriously convinced there is no set way to title and tag a commercial vehicle in the state of Ohio. It just depends on who you happen to get at the window of the DMV.


Want to see the best-looking truck on the road?

Wendy shows off the new bedrock of the business, a 2004 Freightliner Coronado -- and thanks her lucky stars for, well, almost everything...

“I’m sorry Mr. Parker, we’re going to require that form in triplicate, with eleventy-seven dollars attached to each form with a pink paperclip. Also, there will be a surcharge of three warthog hairs and a virgin.”

“But the website clearly states the virgin is only necessary if the vehicle has less than 200,000 miles on it.”

“Since you obviously didn’t read the footnotes, I’ll paraphrase by telling you those are galactic miles, not highway miles.”

I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit, but when people started asking for the 2290 tax form I got a little panicked, because I have no friggin idea what a 2290 tax form is. And if the word “tax” is involved, I know it means money. And if one more person asks us for money, I’m going to develop PTSD from attempting to buy a vehicle in order to be allowed to work. Seriously, you’d think they’d make it easier for people who want to work. We’re not in debt up to our bellybuttons for giggles and grins — we want to work.


The ups and downs of new-truck euphoria

"After months of negotiations and deals falling through, I was almost thinking the new truck was going to go the way of my much anticipated ...

So here’s the first photo album of our new baby. Consider these ‘before’ pictures, as it’s colder than a dead man’s eyes outside, and she just got here from Wisconsin, where it’s salty and snowy and she hasn’t had a bath just yet. This is our project, we have a beautiful canvas to start with, and we’re thankful as we can be for her.

Now for goodness sakes, can we just get on the road?!

  • Dr Duke

    Did the Hula girl and the Dino come with it?
    I think you need one of those suction cup Garfields. :)

  • MercenaryMan

    Good Luck, let us know the exact path of ownership with all paperwork hurdles and offices involved, makes good reading, and shows the ridiculous Govt roadblocks to working people , who INVEST in Work, Pay there bills and taxes and then BUY a truck to WORK and find themselves behind the Klingon Tax Counter…and ach Ugg Bich….

  • Vrahnos

    Ya there is a lot to be set up to be an owner op.The 2290 is for heavy road use tax and is paid to the I.R.S.All trucks over 50,000 G.V.W.has to pay that tax.

  • The George and Wendy Show

    The Dino is one of Hunters Travelers and I’ve always rolled with a Hula Girl. Think I’ll pass on the Garfield though… lol.

  • The George and Wendy Show

    Yep! Seems like everyone’s got there hand out and all I’m trying to do is work. C’est la vie… George

  • The George and Wendy Show

    Took care of the 2290 today. Just a few more small things to wrap up and we’ll be rolling again.

  • MercenaryMan

    Im taking the Jump in March, New Expediter, Im sure Ill fae plenty of the same…

  • The George and Wendy Show

    Here’s wishing you the best of luck with your new venture.

    George and Wendy

  • Joe Pauley

    Don’t forget the UCR, when they are out of money they just make up more taxes, make sure of who you sign up with. The guy I started with was out of business in months, so I got my own authority and then you have to watch who you haul for.

  • Joe Pauley

    with big companies you are just a # and small guy just don’t have enough freight, a little guy only needs one account. the hard part is finding the ONE.

  • MercenaryMan

    Those are sharp trucks I saw them when they were coming up for sale, I considered buying one, having the frame stretched and making a Class 8 expediter out of it, would have been sharp rig, etc…there nice rigs..speced out real nice.

  • Christie Fields

    Getting with Landstar is a good way to get your feet wet and they don’t play games with your livelyhood.

  • Kevin J. Reidy

    Wendy, Ohio is eay. Pay sales tax at title bureau, get truck inspected because it was purchased out of state( usually only means VIN# check to match to title at OSP barracks or DMV office), show 2290 (you can file immediately at any regional IRS office) and current IRP filing for new truck to nice lady at regional IRP office, pay for tag.
    Takes a week if you do it all correctly the first time, forever if you mess up one filing.

  • Craig Hansen

    Save some serious money on the purchase sales tax on the truck….lease it to a “common carrier” and bring the lease papers with you at titling time. There is no state sales tax on any interstate rolling stock (truck) per the Feds.

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