Photo gallery: Working show trucks and more from SuperRigs

| May 16, 2014

Picture 26 of 26

Here’s another sampling of the trucks (along with some other sights) competing at Shell Rotella’s SuperRigs show at the zMax Dragway this weekend. Click here to see the other gallery from day 2, and click here to see the gallery from the first day.

  • DW

    Just putting lipstick on a pig,unless your earning a minimum of 2.50 mi for all miles traveled you a part of the problem and not a part of the solution.DO NOT EVER HAUL CHEAP FREIGHT

  • Gear Splitter

    Good paying freight is hard to come by with all the competition out here.
    I’ve lost a full load paying $3.15 per mile, it was a short haul about 273 miles after my so called broker put me on this load of fresh seafood, and I was turned away by the reciever and was told that the load was 3 days old. Now I’m stuck with a reefer full of spoiled seafood and I can’t dump it anywhere . That’s why I’m going back to haul dry freight or flat bedding again.

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