PHOTOS: Great American Trucking Show Day 1


    how long will the fmcsa be allowed to dictate and run roughshod over us as Americas ? It blows my mind that these bastards are allowed to make rules and regs and go unchecked by ANYONE !! Then it is the hard working American o/o who is stuck trying to comply with some of these RIDICULOUS rules !! I am of the opinion that these jackasses won’t be happy until we are all standing in a bread line. It really boggles my mind that institutions like ooida and ata and others who have the ability to keep these commies in check, do nothing but collect their dues, and blow smoke up their members asses with their self righteous monthly news letters, claiming how much good they are doing to promote the causes of the trucking industry ! Bottom line, they are in bed with the commie pinkoes who are ruining our industry !! It is time to strike boys !!! Let these jackasses go haul their own freight and try to make a living and comply with these stupid rules. Bet they wouldn’t last a week !!

  • Clutch 62810

    Stand and be a voice well it is the only way it is also called stand and be a target, last time I looked at the shooting range everybody looked at the target you will be noticed I speak out when I get the chance come on lets all be targets it only huts if you roll over and give up. take that next gear and roll let them hear you comming. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.