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PHOTOS: Show trucks on display at Mid-America

| March 28, 2014

A selection of show trucks from the display area at the 2014 Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky.:

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  • Col Patrick G Montgomery

    What? No tow trucks, shame on you. ignoring one of the fastest growing segments of trucking. Typical of Overdrive, its not the publication it was when Parkhurst ran the magazine. From a first members of the ITA, and RoadMasters.

  • norman ott

    I guess with all the well trained drivers now days they are all busy. I didn’t notice many aero type trucks in all those pics. Wont be long the only place you will be able to see real trucks will be at a show like MATS.

  • Col Patrick G Montgomery

    Lets see more representation at such shows as MATS and others, I’m sure there was heavy tow trucks there, so why doesn’t Overdrive and other similar publications show off the heavy duty tow trucks. Because Overdrive and Owner/Operator as well as LandLine Magazines forget their roots, its all about money, and ads, not tradition. Lets see photo sessions at least with heavy duty tow trucks.

  • Dennis Hulker

    I was there Thursday and there are no tow trucks entered in this competition that these photos are coming from. All of these photos are from only trucks entered in the PKY competition so the only one’s to blame are the people who did not enter.

  • baddab

    Col Patrick g Montgomery, I would suggest that if you are so hard up to see heavy duty tow trucks at mats, or any other truck show, you should buy a couple and fix them up and enter them yourself…as long as none are entered into the competition there won’t be any photos of them in the publications…and these publications have nothing to do with the vehicles entered…their photographers take pics of what’s there, and it’s slightly impossible to get pics of vehicles not there….

  • Ajt

    It’s not that they wouldn’t let tow trucks enter it’s that nobody wanted to enter one. If you’re that passionate about tow trucks then build one up and show it next year. Had nothing to do with any magazine. Smh. strives to maintain an open forum for reader opinions. Click here to read our comment policy.