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Todd Dills

Not your father’s air-cleaner canister

| July 03, 2009

Though the urns resemble somewhat scaled-down versions of the chromed canister you’ll find on either side of the cowl of classically styled Petes and Kenworths, they’re sealed to protect your loved one’s cremated remains from the elements as you “keep their memory alive and in the wind,” says biker and Final Ride Urns proprietor Steve Radz. Created with enthusiasts of various vehicles in mind, these urns, Radz says, “can be mounted to any vehicle…. The pilot can forever fly. Policemen and women, paramedics and firefighters can continue to answer their calls.” And, presumably, truckers can stay within a few feet of the CB.

This item appeared in the print version of the Channel 19 blog in Overdrive’s July issue, out now. See the full column here.

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